I used to admire Julian Assange for revealing secrets of government corruption. No longer -- though I'm still a big fan of transparency and whistleblowing. Participating in Russian election meddling -- not a fan!

I found this update clarifying: 10 Things You Should Know About Julian Assange

In particular, private emails (presumably from Assange) from @Wikileaks to Trump Jr. changed my mind on him. Investigative reporter Barrett Brown points out an irony.

But in the messages with Trump Jr., he noted, Assange was “complaining about ‘slander’ of being pro-Trump IN THE ACTUAL COURSE OF COLLABORATING WITH TRUMP.”

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Thanks for the personal history. I'd have resigned and moved to a different state had that happened to me.

Ruth, I did resign and move to California where taxpayers treat war veterans rather well.

Vets in CA are treated rather well,

compaired to what?

How long did it take for vets to get compensated for Nuclear Weapens testing, Agent Orange, Decomposed Uranium  poisioning among other problems?

Vets (with long term injuries/illness') are treated terribly.

Guys I knew would rather have malaria than take the untested malaria meds mandated.

Military burn piles among other things were warned about - but not disclosed to the troops.

Some author will step forward and tell the real story of our history. Howard Zinn is gone, now, when we need such a truth teller more than ever. 


 After a while I have learned that you are a truth teller, mafia style. You don't mince words nor sanitized your point and with plenty of back ups.


Let me do a little reality checking. You wrote, "a truth teller, mafia style" and when you wrote i.e. "You don't mince words nor sanitized your point". are those good things or bad in your judgment? 

Also when you wrote, "with plenty of back ups." do you mean I supply plenty of back ups or I don't supply them.?


 The intent was all good... no disparaging you from my view.... I realized the words I used are seen as negative but I felt none of that. Plenty of backs meaning you supply proofs like website connections, or pdfs, and others so the reader can check and see for themselves. This I often neglect and that I need to do more often.

Do my explanations clears this up?


Thank you, Thomas, for your prompt reply. I am glad you had a positive reaction reading my points of view. I like different thinking and enjoy discussions when one disagrees with me, even as I feel good when others share my ideas. I take disagreement as a good thing; I welcome the interaction that comes from it. 

Yes, indeed, your explanation clears up my confusion as to your meaning. 

Excellent questions, Chris!

I would add the question, How long did it take for vets to get a DIAGNOSIS of "Nuclear Weapens testing, Agent Orange, Decomposed Uranium poisioning among other problems?"

To whom did vets turn when their diagnosis was slow and treatments were slow or nonexistant? 

Other Vets and veterans orginizations.

My biggest fear today is that forces are working to make America a closed society. I witness this in almost everything that Trump says, does, and touches. It all disturbs me very much.




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