I used to admire Julian Assange for revealing secrets of government corruption. No longer -- though I'm still a big fan of transparency and whistleblowing. Participating in Russian election meddling -- not a fan!

I found this update clarifying: 10 Things You Should Know About Julian Assange

In particular, private emails (presumably from Assange) from @Wikileaks to Trump Jr. changed my mind on him. Investigative reporter Barrett Brown points out an irony.

But in the messages with Trump Jr., he noted, Assange was “complaining about ‘slander’ of being pro-Trump IN THE ACTUAL COURSE OF COLLABORATING WITH TRUMP.”

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Michael, America has been a closed society longer than we know.

In the 1950s I minored in economics. In the 1980s, motivated by my political awakening in the SOCIOPATHY of Arizona politics, I read Madison’s records of the 1787 Convention where the Founders made an economic oligarchy. Yet the apologists for the oligarchy constantly tell us of “American democracy”.

To the credit of reform-minded Arizonans, when the press stopped accepting the sociopathy’s bribes, the voters used their direct initiative to make some reforms, such as ending the in-state gerrymander. The legislature, still a sociopathy, took the voters to court to reverse the reform. The courts told the legislature that the voters had acted lawfully.

Sociopathy still rules in the legislatures of 32 states and in Congress. When enough Americans see how the sociopathy screws them,....

When did you learn that President Wilson, soon after WW1 ended, sent American troops to Russia to put that revolution down? I learned of it in the 1980s.

I didn't even know about that. Just looked it up. Thanks for the history lesson.

Michael, an additional thought. Trump is doing us a favor, he's showing us the advantages of democracy. We might someday get off our butts and get it.

President GWB and Obama opened the door for Trump.  

The NYT's and BBC trumped up the WMD knews  for the IRAQ invasion. When Colin Powel  was feeding  yellow cake to the U.N. The frosting was aluminum tubes. 

Consumers ate it up as they are with the current sex monicle.

... as the tax plan in congress is ignored by the media.

It does seem that the tax plan is ignored by the media. Why is this?

Considering how drastically it will impact us, I agree. One commentator suggested the Democrats weren't making as much of a stink as they did over ACA repeal (even though this accomplishes the same thing and much more - only indirectly) because they're beholden to their own fat cat donors. Had  Bernie been in charge, protest messages would be shaking the ionosphere.

My rant's may catch up with  Nings lag time.

Fortunately there are some interesing fact checks for (K)news and  infortaimnent. FAIR (Fair And Accuracy in Reporting) is one among many outside of Pai's control.

  Several months ago I used to admire Julian until Daniel expressed his misgivings about him. Daniels point was Julian selective release of government and corporate secrets. The pattern was that he was not releasing ALL the information and only information that was favorable to his agenda. His agenda, I dunno what it is, but anyone can see the pattern.Naturally, I don't trust anyone with all that power, and I distrust Julian even more because he smells bad.

 As for the U.S being open or closed, I'd have to vote that the democracy belongs to the Oligarchy and the church. I do not have anything to back up my opinion on this but maybe helps why I think democracy is for sale to the highest bidder and closed to the rest of us......



Now why would Jeff Bezos fortune need all those tax breaks and perks if he is now worth 100 billions dollars????


Good points, Thomas. A common method for corporations lower their taxes unfairly is to pit tax jurisdictions against one another in a bidding war, with the lowest tax rate winning. Country against country, state against state, etc. The only "winner" is the company. If jurisdictions presented a united front by one means or another, they wouldn't get ripped off.

We see that all the time when large corporations plan expansions, most recently when our area was a possibility for Amazon's new headquarters. And then there are projects like the Ark Encounter "museum" theme park, which got $18 million in tax incentives because they promised to boost the local economy with lots of jobs and tourism. More on both that and Amazon here: "John Oliver: Ark Encounter is 'Economic Development' Gone Horribly Wrong".

Cities, counties, etc., also bend over backwards to entice and accomodate corporations for things whose location isn't so flexible, like new sports stadiums. (Great use of public money there!)




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