How many people interested in ethics here put their ethics where their plate is, Whilst The religious masses have an excuse for eating the flesh of our fellow mammals and other species, What is your excuse!!!! ( unless of course you are already Vegan)...

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Well, that's relatively (isn't everything :) not very substantial either. I may not have had "the pox", but as a child I, and all my peers, had every single one of the children's diseases that people are so freaked out in North America,about and getting vaccines for today. It actually makes me shake my head with laughter. Rubeolla was a good example of it being optimal to get these as children instead of adults, getting it at 18 allowed me to loose 20 lbs in a week... But it was not all fun. Diseases make us stronger... living in bubbles makes us, as a species, weaker.

So are you trying to tell me that the Aids virus is a good thing to catch in order to enhance your immune system....Some things are acceptable co-environmental inhabitants H5N1 and aids are to that are not co-inhabitors of my choice. I have had the H5N1 vaccine have you.....Are you seriously trying to tell me your an anti vaxer 

This is total garbage, we used to rape one another as well. We have risen above that and many other primitive behaviours. Eating meat is not required , therefore it is excessive violence that is not required. As for milk and eggs, You are naive if you think that is OK. a chicken living in a cubic foot of space for its entire life of egg laying and them off with its head when it no longer lays......As for dairy, why would you wan't to drink the lactate of another species? not to mention the cruelly it creates. To have milk the cow must be kept permanently in Calf, Soon as the little bobby calf is born it is taken away to be butchered as veal if it is male or enslaved like its mother if female. Then the cow is raped with a metal device and impregnated again. The udders are constantly infected and producing puss so antibiotics are pumped into them. At the end of all this you drink a puss laden antibiotic rich soup of protein types your not even fit to digest.....

I would put to you that rape is MORE present in today's (last 1500)  years than EVER in human history. Rape is related to patriarchy... and it just isn't that old. Way back when before people were concerned with such lunacies as the golden rule, if a women were to be agressed, she could simply kill the agressor... nowadays, that's considered not PC, and males in all Abrahamic faiths are alloted a 'crime of passion' defence, resulting in almost no consequence. Rape is a modern problem.

Possible...IMy point was just that history is no reason to limit progress.....

Genetic bagage plays a huge role in age of death... food is but a small overall component along with all the other risks of being alive.

Of course...but take a person with high heart attack risk and put them on a low risk diet. They will be Far better off. You can not influence your genetics easily, but you can change your diet. 

  Would any sensible person with a desire to live smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. So to why would you through your hands in the air and settler for a risky diet?

Present science doesn't even agree on what is a low risk diet... cholesterol is loosing its the top position to grains... slowly but surely. Food plays a role, but simply not a major one. For example, type II diabetes prevention is aided by food improvement only to a 30% degree, and this is only on a 10 year prognosis. That is not negligible certainly, we can go through our entire lives making small tweaks, that may, or probably won't, pay off. Native Americans are genetically particularly prone to Type II diabetes, food has even less effect on their choices.

As Bill Mahers once stated... yes a cat which lives indoors lives longer than a stray... as do married males vs single males, but must you be forced to choose a long life of restraint over a short life of freedom? IMO that is a personal value call :)

That is up to you, depends how old you are and how many people you have seen die, when I was In my twenties I lived a wild life and I am lucky I am still around. But it bought me a lot, I have many friends who died living the same life and I now gladly choose restraint and preach it as well. If the risk is worth it to you fine, but you are not correct about the risk factors.

Have you considered you were simply served by better genetics? In my experience, people place too much value on the consequences of their personal choices, this is an anecdotal approach to life, and human perception is quite faulty in this regard :)

Remember David Bowie's 50th anniversary interview? When asked about drug use by dead friends... and drug use by offspring... his answer was basically survival of the fittest. I agree with him. :)

No, the reason I survived is that I stopped before statistics killed me.

  The same goes for dietary choices. You may be lucky enough to be more resilient, but being 250 pounds of walking blubber will kill most people pretty quickly ask any doctor.

  You sound like a person taking comfort in the distance between you and your death, the closer it comes you may start looking at reducing the risks. The fact that most people can partition the brain in relation to risk is obvious from those who smoke. When young your hormones make it more difficult to make rational choices, but what explains a middle aged smoker?

No, the reason I survived is that I stopped before statistics killed me

Or so you perceive it... :)




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