How many people interested in ethics here put their ethics where their plate is, Whilst The religious masses have an excuse for eating the flesh of our fellow mammals and other species, What is your excuse!!!! ( unless of course you are already Vegan)...

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on a broader point Have you watched "meat the truth"

Not that one, but dozens of others. Believe me, I didn't initially become vegetarian without some resistance!!! And only the lactose intolerance condition caused me to modify my lifestyle back :)

this is the problem with veg....that's why you should go vegan. Believe me without meat and especially dairy you feel fantastic.

my page has the video link to "meat the truth" please watch it, even if its only to tell me its propaganda...


Dear me! Do remember that I did, for a year. Didn't really enjoy the process, nor the food, nor was my health improved...

Did you supplement with sublingual b12 and monitor your other blood levels through testing?. You did admit that lactose intolerance was a problem for you so one would assume at least that improved being vegan...

 spend more time chiding my single mom friend over thinking that her 12 y/o's life is being saved by a stupid foam helmet.

have you seen how many horrific accidents used to occur before the introduction of helmets? The same goes for motorcycle gear, I see a lot of idiots riding motorcycles with shorts think thats smart? I actually used to race road bikes, I have worn my palms down, slid along on my head, All sorts of things. I would not be here if it was not for protective gear.

Entirely debunked myth... You might want to really have a critical look into the fallacies of that research... and into how brain injuries have statistically increased in hockey, and football (US), and in cycling. Helmets protect scalps, not brains (and scalp injuries aren't life threatening). But that's an entirely other discussion, I cease this here before everyone "unfollows" this discussion! :)

I have seen some of that....Guarantee you it does not work with motorcycles......I have come off enough to know...I have also had my mates heads turned to mush in racing accidents.

Yes, motorcycle helmets, and ENTIRELY different helment. :)

I still make my wife wear her helmet when she roller blades....It's ok she makes me do thins for my own good as take my sanity pills etc.

Hi Vegan,

not as genetically caused as you suggest

Have you ever read about epigenetics. I've only just started reading about it, and it's really interesting. I'm thinking I might go back to uni to study it with guidance. Anyway, maybe cancer has more to do with epigenetics than genetics, this is pure speculation though. 


Also, most people in the third world eat vegetarian food on a daily basis. They only eat meat on festive occasions, like Eid ul Fitr, Chinese new year etc. But they are only vegetarian out of necessity, if they had the money they would be eating meat everyday.


It is simple, Ignorance is an excuse to eat meat. Ignorance is a excuse to consume more than is sustainable, ignorance is also an excuse to not see the cruelty caused by your actions......Once that ignorance is removed, you no longer have an excuse. Evolve your diet and save the planet. Evolve your diet and feed other humans. Evolve your diet and stop cruelty. Evolve your diet and save your own life.


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