Are you open about being an atheist or are you in the closet?

I am semi in the closet. I do have to admit that I am not comfortable discussing my views with just anyone. I am the type that wants everyone to like me (such a fault I have!) and I am nervous someone will think I am a bad person. Even when I find someone who is passionate about science, I still try not to venture down that avenue. So lucky to have you guys!

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I dunno ... how personal can the relationship be without something like that out in the open? Coming out several years ago definitely showed me who my real friends were, and it wasn't always the ones I would have bet on. The family member who gives me the LEAST trouble for it is my Southern Baptist granny. She's ultra-religious but knows that family is an exception and she's never let her religious opinions affect how she treats her kids/grandkids.

My experience includes realizing the beliefs held by family members contributed to the challenges I faced as an adult. If I need to change my beliefs, I also need to change my relationship with my family members. That done, I also need to build a strong support system as new and different values form in my life. I discovered finding friends with shared values of wanting to flourish was relatively easy and far more beneficial. It is kind of like those who grow up in alcoholic homes often have to make a break from their families in order to live a sober life. 

Also from my experience, once I made the break, and once I established a healthy, happy, productive life, some of my family re-looked at their belief systems and found them lacking. They wanted to know why and how I made my changes. 

Scott I think you would find great enjoyment and release if you found a local group of atheists to hang with once a week. Good luck.

It is different for each person. I can only give you my perspective. If I am to be a genuine person, I have to be honest with myself and with others. I can think of no occasion where I would not want a family member or friends to know how and what I think. As to others, it is none of their business. 

I follow the cues I receive from others. If they do not accept me as I am and make it their life's purpose to convert me to their delusions, I don't want anything to do with them. I leave them, realizing this is the price for thinking for myself. I am willing and able to make that sacrifice. 

If they do not proselytize, or badger me, even if they avoid the topic of religion all together I can be a grownup and behave decently with them. If they ask me questions I answer as honestly as I can.  

There is no reason to respect an unreasonable belief based on faith. My obligation is to use my full capacity to the fullest of my abilities. 

i am open about it to anyone who would ask, but no one does exactly lol having been a christian mostly all of my young life, i think a lot of people assume i still am, its just never something anyone ever talks about. not having made us very good christians LOL more we were because our parents told us to be yadda yadda... my childrens grandparents on both sides are religious and not to start any arguments i don't bring it up. they live with me and so far just raising them to know that people believe in all sorts of different things and we shouldn't judge (when I was 'christian' parenting) as well as helping them be open to everything has been turning out two very young atheists, to which i am greatly relieved :D  now that i myself am definitely atheist i find myself talking about it to them more, more asking them questions and starting conversations about different things...i guess a majority of our friends are either agnostic, or very poor christains, the kind that don't go to church or ever bring it up unless someone needs to be prayed for you know that sort of thing. i try to keep my comments to myself at those times. my boyfriends family is religious and knows we are not and that has been a semi-issue i would say.

90% it would hurt family members if I said it right out that religion is a fairy tale , I just say that I'm a total evolutionist and leave it at that . Once I had a extremely elated moment and could not stop my face from beaming when one of my work mates said we being made in the image of god " did I then think that god also looked like a monkey at one time " and I replied did he think god had a nose and a chin ? and he said yes "wow I was beaming " that means he had a mouth , did he then eat and I am sure there must have been waste ? and what about a penis ? was there then goddess or did he do it with mortals ? It made my week.

Very much out of the closet. I have no problem sharing my belief or lack of. Proudly wear my Pastafarian tee's, FSM pin, FSM license plate, IPU hat and Invisible Teapot sticker on my car. I value reason, sanity,and honesty. I refuse to be bowed by any religious dogma and quite willing to be in your face when I am told how I should believe or behave according to a book of fairy tales.  

Greg, Don't know where the sticker was bought. It was sent to me by a friend who lives in Santa Cruz,CA. It's been on my car so long it's almost invisble it's self. If you google Russell's teapot sticker, you can get one from CafePress. Its different from mine, but still gets the idea across.

Thanks Andrea, Yes I proudly display my atheist belief. As to the initials, I have on occasion had people of faith mention" Your initials are the same as jesus" I often reply "jesus who?" I too am in health care as a registered nurse. I have attened to many sick and or dying and heard many a prayer, so far no miracles in the 42 years. If nothing else it has taught me the finality of life, best to make it as fun and rewarding as possible now because there is nothing beyond this brief existance.

i don't hide it at all......  i agree with james cromb...... why bow to ppl who don't respect OUR ways of thinking ( yeah, we actually think) .  if xians want to wear a cross around their neck to show their faith, then we can wear our own symbols for our lack of belief.........  i don't understand why atheists are afraid of xians and what they think of us; maybe it is they who are afraid of US, and that's why they try so hard to (pretend) to believe in a non existent being.


there's no reason to lie, pretend or be afraid of xians...... what can they possibly do to you? if they're the xians they claim to be, they will love you no matter what religion you are...... or are not!


for those of you still in the closet, get out!! breathe the fresh air of freedom, be brave, courageous, have confidence in yourself and what you know is true.  knowledge,  truth, logic, reason, facts.     stop living a lie and get out!!!

i am reluctant to give that information out but will if pressed. many christians are extremely intolerant and even violent.
muslim persons seem confused if i say that their are no prophets, there is no god and i am an atheist.
it seems the word atheist is a word used as an insult.

they act like fauklner's character Ringo in the Unvanquished who says something like "he look just like a man!". apparently the information given was a bit biased and colored.
so i just don't tell them unless they persist in either religious discussion, attempt at conversion to their religion, or making ignorant statements regarding atheist.

on the other hand, many christians and muslims have been civil, helpful, decent and still are aware but confused by my dissident beliefs, such as not wanting to kill insects or various moral ideals but rejecting a theological foundation for having these beliefs.

some people react intolerantly, dismissively, and even violently when confused.
so, do not deny being an atheist, but do be aware that believers, particularly fundamentalists, can be dangerous.




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