Are you open about being an atheist or are you in the closet?

I am semi in the closet. I do have to admit that I am not comfortable discussing my views with just anyone. I am the type that wants everyone to like me (such a fault I have!) and I am nervous someone will think I am a bad person. Even when I find someone who is passionate about science, I still try not to venture down that avenue. So lucky to have you guys!

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The funny thing about people acting that way with you is that most of the time they are not even going to their church regularly and they are therefore not active in their faith. It doesn't matter. They are the idiots that create the most noise.

Not long ago a very religious neighbor told me that Atheists were immoral...that we would be punished by our which I answered "And how about your Christian hubby...who is a known drunk?"

Jesus was a known wino SILVIA, I guess it's a god given affliction.

Well, I could have asked her about her "Christian hubby and his lover." Sure, she would tell me that the flesh is weak...LOL

I hear it often that Atheists have no morals. Believers think you have to believe in fairy tails and superstition in order to have morals and ethics. 

If they only read that bible of theirs they would see it is not a moral book at all.

I have decided to come out to all family this year. I no longer wish to stay in the semi-closet. I think it is important to tell others. If they decide not to accept you - it is their problem.

Steph, glad to hear you're coming out to all family.  Well wishes in that project.

I'm amazed Steph! You should be proud of yourself and sympathetic to the superstitions that beleaguer your family.

Congrats, Steph

Remember, common sense is a commodity not everybody has....and this is quite the case in people who need a "catalog" listing for them what is right and what is wrong.

Yes, the bible is not only a book of fiction but also one that sheds blood if squeezed.

People need to be told -face to face- few things.....and I do this in both English and Spanish...ja

I've been listening to the renowned Bible scholar and agnostic (non-committed atheist) in Bart Ehrman, and his critique of the New Testament, it is interesting to find the parables that people hold dear in the Bible, such as the time Jesus supposedly had the adulterous woman set free, was actually added to the Bible centuries after his death.  I think this would surprise many Christians, though it probably won't stop them from believing, because my studies into psychology, have led me to believe that it is Terror Management Strategy that keeps them believing.  Religion has them terrified with stories of Hell and death, so they cling to their faith to minimize their terror.    

If one of the most popular stories about Jesus was invented 1000 years later, I wonder which other parables were added to make Jesus appear greater than he likely was in real life.

I haven't found a devout Christian here that I can try this on, but when I do, I'll probably report the result.  It's too secular here for such experiments.  Sometimes I would have liked it to be like it was 30 years ago when I was surrounded by Christian guinea pigs to test such things on.   

I used to test my concepts on street preachers, but I haven't seen any for a long while.

They won't let me copy embedded code to patch the video in, Youtube have stopped that function from working.  Ar$holes.

One thing that shows bigtime to me, DD, is the 4 Gospels and how certain events within them have set the date for Jesus' birth anywhere from before BC slightly to maybe 6 AD. This is a 6 or 8 year span and it proves outright that the writers had an agenda but knew nothing of when Jesus was really born. That seems to be about as credible as his death because nobody knows when that is either.

Consider also that Saul of Tarsus was the first to get everything going about Jesus, and the Gospels appear to have not been around when he became Paul.

All of this is what convinced me that atheism is correct because there is no evidence for God and Jesus. Even so, the believers will tell you that the above is all lies and the New Testament books came in the order they are in in the Bible.

Yes, Michael, I believe that Jesus was likely the product of Saul, the con man.

He took somebody possibly named Jesus, that some had known and liked, and pumped him up, out of all proportions, into a demigod.

So Christianity was a Saulian concept.




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