Are you open about being an atheist or are you in the closet?

I am semi in the closet. I do have to admit that I am not comfortable discussing my views with just anyone. I am the type that wants everyone to like me (such a fault I have!) and I am nervous someone will think I am a bad person. Even when I find someone who is passionate about science, I still try not to venture down that avenue. So lucky to have you guys!

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If asked about my beliefs I tell them I am an Atheist....If somebody comes to bug me talking about religion I, also, tell him/her I am an Atheist....but I don't go out of my way to talk about the subject because there are many ignorant people roaming the streets of this world....and I don't have time for ignorance.

I like the idea of setting a time and place to discuss the sensitive subjects. I enjoy politics, economics and philosophy and many others do not. For the few of us who share similar interests, we can squirrel away with chips, nuts, pretzels and beverages and have a good old gabfest. We have a rule of no violence, physical or emotional. Other than that, we chatter like chipmonks.

I look forward to reading about your experiment. It may catch on in your family. 

It must be very difficult to have to feel badly about being a non theist. But sadly in many parts of USA it is difficult. There is every reason to be proud of yourself , just as people of belief should feel good about themselves.if they respect others. The problem arises when religious fanatics feel the need to evangelize the world. When i grew up i had the opposite experience. Athiesm was the norm. I never even thought about religion until i ran into a number of Americans that are obsessed.with the belief in god. You are a good member of society just as you are !

Jerry, how did your reunion turn out? Did you have your hour for talk about politics and an hour about religion? I think that would be a very nice way to get the elephant off of the dining room table.  




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