Are you open about being an atheist or are you in the closet?

I am semi in the closet. I do have to admit that I am not comfortable discussing my views with just anyone. I am the type that wants everyone to like me (such a fault I have!) and I am nervous someone will think I am a bad person. Even when I find someone who is passionate about science, I still try not to venture down that avenue. So lucky to have you guys!

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Quite so, Dennis.  I've written quite a bit about this: self fulfilling prophecy. 

In memetics, the meme complex cares only about its own propagation and nothing about the host.  So religious people do the work of the memeplex without being aware they are being manipulated.  In nature, parasitism is one of the most common and successful forms of commensalism (living together.)  Symbiosis, living together for mutual benefit, is rare.

I wish these people would understand that humans are just another animal and we are subject to nature’s laws.  God isn’t going to save us.


Dennis, I share your concern. It is like a slave with no options begins to look for death/heaven as the only way to find relief. Armageddon is a fantasy based on delusions and there are too many people who share it. 

I like your response. 

TNT, absolutely.  I’d like to bring out that the Prime Directive is the main force of life.  Self preservation and reproduction.

From this we can surmise that our genes make us fear death.  But in nature, the genes of the firefly make it circle the flame.  The genes of the sardine make it migrate to the center of the school making it easier for the sharks to annihilate them. 

We can’t always trust our genes.

Rich Goscicki

Author of Mirror Reversal


"We can’t always trust our genes." So true! that is why the evolutionary process developed brains in creatures and it is counterproductive to deny either instinct or cognitive processes.


If those two you just named never went to their death in that fashion, imagine how overpopulated they'd be on Earth today... oups, yes, that's what humans have done, via religion, we have deemed death politically incorrect and we are not allowed to die... unless all else failed.

Sometimes we are supposed to die, and are genetic makeup functions within this assumption. It is ok to die, it's called population control.

I'm totally open and take the hint I'm not wanted around them!!   The theist with their bullshit crap talk is alright to them ,  as I say stuff they don't want to hear as they put their hands on their ears and walk away!! and the ones that stay!  I'm crucified with their accusing me of devil possession and will be hell bound to this imaginary place they fear as they fear me that some of my sin of evilness will rub off me to them, that would keep them from their imaginary everlasting life???...... What can I say dealing with delusional lockstep nuts.    You lose a lot of acquaintances and friends!!!!....As they think you are radioactive,  I can tell this in my own family that are indoctrinated in Religion!! My own wife that is catholic!!   We have conflicts between us because of me being a non-believer atheist,  She loved her dad thats dead now he was a Atheist too but I try not to talk religion around her!!!.........................................joe

"I'm totally open and take the hint I'm not wanted around them!!" 

Perhaps you can reword that sentence, "I am totally open and know when I don't want to spend time with these people."

You take charge of your situation, don't be dependent on whether they want you around them or not. Decide who you want to be around. You only have one life to live, and it can be a life you choose. 

Matthew, yu make perfect sense when you write, "ones energy is much better spent planting new seeds than trying to tear up the whole garden, if that makes sense?"

I see so many irrational expectations and demands made by religious, my pot keeps boiling, even as I attempt to plant seeds, I also want to pour boiling water on the weeds of religious dogma. I hate what religion does to women; it causes us to internalize subordination and submission, to distract themselves with attracting husbands and sacrificing ourselves for everyone else, and seeking ways to be a martyr. I don't find martyrdom attractive or even beneficial.

When my husband or father, or bosses made decisions I perceived as ill-advised, my culture punished me and any thinking woman harshly and learned to play dumb from the cradle on. The worse was in elementary and secondary school. Distractions seemed to be pumped into my head ... be pretty, serve others, don't let others know how bright I am. I felt like I was wearing masks until I got into graduate school. The mind-binders came off, my thinking process became important to me. and I stopped self-dumbing down. Kind of like I didn't give a damn whether I was popular or fit in, I wanted to know all I could know.

I am in the most wonderful of places now. My income depends on my pensions, no one can use a job or income to keep me in line. My religion was as crippling as any physical disease, I am immune to such domination. I don't care if I step on anyone's toes. I think and reason and speak and act based on my best judgment.

Mathew, i agree. Men and women who realize we are partners in living, that the culture flourishes when all flourish. Holding women down costs society, just as slavery cost society. 

Joan, when the time is right, I plan on using your post and some of your others to see if I can convince my sisters of the abuse the church is placing on them.  They are both more outspoken and intelligent than most, so, if presented in the right way, they should be able to see what the church has done to them.

Grinning Cat, I love your Skeptic's Annotated Bible A good place to start with debunking all the bunk we run against daily. Time to get real here. Not a time to pretend there is no foolishness in the beliefs of believers, nor is it a time to remain timid when confronted with people willing to live according to the rules of sheep herding warlords of the New Stone Age. 

We didn't stop believing in fairies because we ran out of fairies. Nor did we stop believing in messages from stones because we ran out of stones. We didn't stop depending on iron because we ran out of iron, nor depending on bronze because we ran out of bronze. We didn't stop believing in gods because we ran out of gods.

We stopped thinking all these things had some kind of magical power as humans developed steel and aluminum and nuclear energy and now quantum physics and political science and human relations. We also started thinking, reasoning, discussing, developing hypotheses and testing them, only to discard those that could not stand up to testing. New ideas come along, and we try them, keeping what works and discarding what fails.

The test is, do our beliefs empower flourishing of all people of the Earth, or do they cripple and divert us away from productive, satisfying, and healthy lives?




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