Are you open about being an atheist or are you in the closet?

I am semi in the closet. I do have to admit that I am not comfortable discussing my views with just anyone. I am the type that wants everyone to like me (such a fault I have!) and I am nervous someone will think I am a bad person. Even when I find someone who is passionate about science, I still try not to venture down that avenue. So lucky to have you guys!

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This is good to hear.  The logical question to me is, does Islam fit in with your statement "the more and more diverse society has forced the general acceptance of the wider society."  

Here in the states they are pushing for more and more religion-based concessions like ladies wanting to wear assorted veils for DMV photos.  No bull.

In Canada, because people are so polite, Islam is winning rapidly and gaining ground. Teachers in schools, veiled, teaching little girls how shameful and sexually appealing their bodies are and how men can't see females without requiring sex. Islam has already taken hold of Western and Northern Europe, it is coming along well in Canada. Yet in the USA, Iève almost never seen turbans and head sheets (fuck veil it's really covering women with sheets)

I'm totally ''out'' with being an atheist, to my parents, other family and friends. I have more atheist friends than Christian, and my Christian friends took it well, I guess. My dad has had the hardest time with it all. When I was a kid, he took me to church a lot. My mother didn't always attend with us. So, maybe for him, he looks back at those days and wishes I never grew up. He is coming around, doesn't debate me over the Bible anymore, which is progress. :)

FlyGirl, my step dad told me that the biggest proof of the bible was that god said Israel would be a nation again and he would draw the Jews from every nation and bring them all back to Jerusalem. He says that has happened and is fulfilled prophesy. I then asked him to explain to me why we still have Jews in every nation all over the world.

That was/is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The UN divided Palestine in 1948, and gave part of it to the Jews BECAUSE they claimed it as their historical homeland....based on the Exodus myth.  And there were a lot of homeless Jewish refugees from Europe who still had a lot of clout in the "right" places.

They totally ignored the historical facts that the Hebrew tribes invaded Canaan (Palestine) and massacred the people who were already living there more than 3500 years ago.

We might as well use that reasoning to force us to give North America back to the original settlers who walked here from Asia 20,000 years ago. 

Very true, sk8eycat. What history fails to realize (along with other people in 1948) is that this was done because of bible belief. Also, if any of this was really called "dividing" then where is Palestine today? The entire world is paying now for this fatal error.

But that never happened did it? Now there is little land left to give them and nobody will cough up any land. In effect, Palestine has become Israel after the agreements of 1948.

There never was a winner for any of it. What some take as my pro-Arab stand is actually a negative religious/theist stand. It was this last group that brought the situation into being in 1948 because they thought they were following bible prophesy..

As for Arafat, he was poisoned with radioactive material to get rid of him and I don't see how it changed anything in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, FT, Israel and the Arabs continue to kill each other, do suicide bombings, and much of this leads us into ISIS and what is going on in the world right now. The big struggle of the Abrahamic faiths.

How can you say "looking back at it now seems like everything turned out well?" BTW, this is not ancient history. It's what was done by agreement in 1948.

ISIS is all about radical Islamists. My question is, do you think we would have the current situation in the Middle East if Palestine had of been equally divided? I personally do not think so.

America has brought this on by coddling the Israelis.

I am an atheist and proud of it! I enjoy being out from under the yoke of created expectations. Seeing life as a non-believer in super-human powers creates an awareness that I am my own conscience. I don't need dogma to inform me of what is right and wrong. The teachings of the bible cannot create healthy, mature, adult functioning because it demands submission and obedience to a dominator power. That power is not intended to develop my full potential. It is intended to control me. I don't need to be controlled. I am fully capable of self-control. Putting faith in constructed myths is just silly. 

Joan, I always felt the same way on this point.  Plus, non-believers appreciate the wonder of it all.  The universe just is.  It's not just the product of an all-powerful God.  Like Richard Dawkins says, the garden is beautiful enough.  It doesn't need to have fairies at the bottom of the well. 



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