do you usually tell people your an atheist, whether just in passing conversation or when the topic of religion comes up. i'm pretty outspoken on my anti-theism yet i feel i should to help in braking this taboo society has on criticizing religion. i try not to offensive to the person themselves but to their beliefs which they often take as a personal insult. i often get most of my flak from atheists themselves who feel we should be respectful of peoples beliefs, the ones who believe in belief, yet i just tell them that is total BS.

i don't like acting the asshole yet criticism i feel should be raised. what are your thoughts on this are you outspoken or quite about your atheism? 

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This is a topic which has probably been asked half a dozen times or so here on A|N (for example, have a look here), but no big deal.

My answer remains what it's been for the last several years: yes, I am totally open about my atheism.  I will admit that living in a town like Cleveland, Ohio makes being open a lot easier than it would if I lived in, say, Jackson, Mississippi, but trust me, you'll find heathens even THERE.  I'll admit I'm not much for wearing atheist T-shirts (not my style), but I'm starting to give serious thought to investing in a lapel pin for my suits and sport coats.  Might start a conversation; might not.  Other than that, I don't advertise my atheism, but if someone asks, I say so and I don't blink.

I am an atheist.

I'm open about it to certain degrees. I can be almost militant with it, but needing to work a bit around here, I know who not to mention it to. The problem is that people talk and I already feel that I am blackballed coz of my beliefs. Nobody asks me if I'm atheist, they just exclude me jobwise.

This is when my mind says "fuck you and the horse you rode in on!" What I actually might say could be a different matter, but I will tell it like it is.

I never lie about it, but at times I want to be diplomatic - e.g. when teaching. The word atheist tells what you're not, not what you are, so I often say that I'm a humanist and they can work it out for themselves.

It depends on the person. My friends and relatives know for the most part and I am usually willing to tell people with whom I engage in conversations if it comes up. However, if a person is a fundamentalist or angry or combative, I choose not to discuss religion with them at all. I tell them (and it is the truth) my mother taught me not to discuss politics or religion, but to respect everyone's right to their personal viewpoint.

Once I was put on the spot by an unfriendly reporter. I told her about my mother joining the Presbyterian church after being a lifelong Methodist. I tried to explain to my mother that her Mehodist views were entirely opposed, but she merely replied, "It will all be clear when we get to Heaven." The reporter liked the story and printed it.




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