Are you still atheist if you believe in a afterlife?

Im atheist but I cant understant the concept of not existing. I think the thought of not existing is just in the mind. To me I feel nature always finds its way. I think all things within the universe is recycled. It rules out god cause then something would have had to create god and so on.

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There are some atheists out there who believe in a type of afterlife supported by a radical scientific hypothesis or two. An afterlife does not necessarily beget a belief in God...

... but I'd be cautious about believing anything without overwhelming proof of at least possibility to plausibility. If you are believing in something without proof, you are basically taking on a religious-type belief, even if it is not directly of an established religion.

That being said, you know it is naturally hard for many mortal minds to accept that when we die, there will be nothing else. That is one reason Religion has arose in the first place: We're fearful. We don't want it to end. We want there to be "something more".

We all need to put aside that fear and base yourself in reality, though. Are you concerned with where you were before you were ever born? If not, you should consider what comes after death at about the same anxiety-level. "Who cares?" -- whatever will happen, will happen.

But right now, this is the life you have. Live it to the fullest.. and don't worry about anything else.

Another point of interest: Perhaps the universe does recycle itself. However, who says your consciousness will be recycled as another consciousness? *shrugs* Therefor, best not to worry about it, as you will have not much to worry about if you are "recycled" as a cinder-block, or plant food.
In Swedish the word Spirit and Breathing is the same word (ande/andas), In one way the christians are right(lol), that rejecting/giving up the spirit is an unforgivable sin/ the only thing that definetly will kill you ;) about death I see it almost as a verb, dying. But after I dont see it as Im dead cos that implies im still something. I just see it as I am no more. Im going to die, Arrgh there I died and after Im simple no more. I will not be anything after Im dead, I allways just stay "dead"/non existant. No after, it is just a mind fuck hehe;) Im just afraid of any pain at the moment when I die, but not afraid of anything after.. Where I am, death is not, where death is, I am not! What to be afraid of when we cant exist at the same time?
There's a wonderful dialogue between the buddha and a disciple where the disciple asks where does the saint go after death. the buddha gives him the example of a fire that is extinguished. it doesn't make sense to ask if it went north, south, east, or west after it was extinguished. you can talk about what caused it, you can talk about it extinguishing and the causes of that, but you can not talk about IT beyond that. it is an event and cannot be predicated in such terms without losing sense. and more importantly for the buddha, you can't talk about such phenomena in those terms without losing focus on what was his concern--methods to overcome the dissatisfaction that is the basis of life.
As long as you don't believe in a God, or a similar concept (a creator of the Universe, or similar), you're an Atheist.

However, believing in an afterlife is not very healthy. Just think of it this way, you didn't exist for 13.75 billion years before you were born. It'll be the same after you die. You won't see anything, feel anything, hear anything or even think about anything. It's permanent unconsciousness.




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