Are you still atheist if you believe in a afterlife?

Im atheist but I cant understant the concept of not existing. I think the thought of not existing is just in the mind. To me I feel nature always finds its way. I think all things within the universe is recycled. It rules out god cause then something would have had to create god and so on.

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Thank you.
Everything in existence is apart of the same thing so that could mean you are the universe and existence. I dont really see how hard it is for the universe to think it is one and infinitly many at the same time. I can start counting then have a lucid dream then my body is still counting numbers by itself.

Another is that everything in existence has nonphysical matter that doesnt follow the rules we live in right now.
What comes after is the rest of the universe continuing on with nary a blink. We eventually recycle back into the ground of existence. We've done our part. Hopefully, we've done the best we can do.
An atheist as I understand is the lack of belief in God. Buddhist and some sects of Hinduism could be considered atheistic.
I guess I got to accept the world for what it is and dont worry about what happens after death cause it happens to everybody. Afterlife or not everybody will end the same.
I think that's a great plan.
Hello, Travis.

I can read a bit of Biocentrism in this "afterlife" view that you are attempting to resolve. Here's a link to a fellow A|N member's take on the said topic.
The following is from my "attic"; an exchange on an email discussion list.

I've always wondered why people who think most of us go to be with God after we die are
so afraid of death. (I'm not eager for it, but am not afraid of it. Just would be really
disappointed to lose any good part of this life before my time.)

(JBH): It may be that the cause-and-effect goes in the other direction. They are very afraid of death, therefore they convince themselves that death really doesn't happen. In some invisible way, people go on living.

I once wrote a Leditor announcing a new revelation from God (i.e. Yahveh). I reported: God had decided that the system of Heaven and Hell was just not working. Torturing prisoners had grown boring, and hymns of praise even more boring. So he was abolishing Heaven and Hell and starting a new system of sequential reincarnation. When you die, your soul will go to the back of a line. When you reach the front of the line, you go into the next available human body.

He had declared a general amnesty for the residents of Hell, and put them into the line. Those who were good enough to get into Heaven, all twenty-seven of them, had volunteered to go into the line as well, so they could teach virtue and goodness by example.

He hopes that we will have enough sense to treat each other well and care for the Earth. If not, we will just have to live in the mess. He is turning his attention to other galaxies, where he as other children to raise. He said, "You're on your own now. It's time to grow up."

Thus endeth my revelation. I figured that if people believed it (not really expecting that) it would give everyone the incentive to create a just and sustainable society. It relieves the fear of death, replacing it with the fear that they might be reborn into a place where they will suffer poverty and injustice.
More seriously, I'm sure somebody by now has quoted Mark Twain: "I was nonexistent for millions of years before I was born, and I did not suffer the slightest inconvenience from it." Or words to that effect.
More seriously, I'm sure somebody by now has quoted Mark Twain: "I was nonexistent for millions of years before I was born, and I did not suffer the slightest inconvenience from it." Or words to that effect.

Talia expressed the same sentiment on page 1.
But what we're recycled into isn't exactly pretty...if you believe in reincarnation, I think that's a spiritual belief and you'd be more of an agnostic than an atheist, right??

We are our minds...there's a quote I like: "The mind is what the brain does". Without your brain and your memories, your emotional baggage, your intellect, your self-identity, etc YOU wouldn't be YOU.
I think the brain is a tool of the spirit that lets the spirit animate the body. I dont think that goes against anything being atheist. Whatever the spirit is has been in existence since the beginning of time. The universe exists rather then not being in existence.
Thats the way I feel. People cant think how the consciousness continues on after death and I cant think of how the consciousness stops after death. Either one is an opinion.




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