Why are there so many people currently with the default image of jesus as their personal photo? Are they too scared to remove the divine image or too lazy, incompetent, ugly or whatever to replace it?

Come on, this is an atheist site we don't need to see symbols of tyranny and oppression each visit. I'm sure a pool of acceptable pictures can be provided for those who don't have anything.

If after three days membership without changing the image I suggest we just assume, without any grounds whatever, that the person is an infiltrating xian.

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Wow... I put my picture up because, for the first time online, I am going to be myself. Even if I am one ugly mofo, I am who I am.

And there are certain circumstances around my having a photo. I do not own a camera. It was pure chance I was able to obtain one.

But, in agreement with you, it is easier than sin to google image search and photoshop it (or even use Paint to size it right if that's the problem!) No excuses!
That's yucky! :D <-- Necessary comment
I'll have you all know my avatar is 100% accurate (but not necessarily real)
I used to have something that said "Capitalism Sucks" with a Spanish Syndicalist flag back groud. That was when I signed on for ning. But I didn't want my politics to be everybody's focus on me when I am discussing something else. Though I don't entirely hide my politics on my profile. so I changed it to something that people might see if they saw me at another sight so they would recognize me.

But I am not all that enthusiastic about people recognize me when I don't know who they are.
Its better than having a distracting username like "SexKitten" or "Holocaustic".
I almost immediately check the profile of anyone posting new discussions without having bothered changing their avatar.

I suspect that many people sign up and then are just never active and never bother to change the avatar. No doubt some are infiltrators.

My avatar isn't me but it looks an awful lot like me :D
I'm ugly but I hate having the default things up. Plus, it frightens the pervs away! Only the people who are REALLY pretending to like me for my intelligence (what intelligence?) should be talking to me and asking for inappropriate online relations. Oh, by the way, the answer is no.

I'd just like everyone to know that I recognize pictures more easily than usernames, and I'm damn sick of seeing that same little picture and thinking, "Oh look! Its ol' whatsisgackt!" and then realizing that it's just some other random jerk. And when half the people here are "some other random jerk", the world seems very lonely.
I tend to ignore people who dont change their image, unless they say something truly interesting. I think that a non real photo is almost more interesting. It gives us a view into the personality of the poster.

<---btw Bill Hicks is the MAN
I keep the same picture because it is me in my natural state, in front of a computer screen, half asleep & totally out of my mind. "my insanity is the only thing that keeps me sane." (W T Young, 1993)
My image says more about me as a person than a pic of my face would...It screams "nature lover"...That's me in a nutshell.




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