I was attending a discussion with a panel of religouse leaders from a bunch of diferent religions.

I asked them a simple question, or not so simple depending on how you think of it.

I asked them,

"If God is independent or seperate from the universe, then he is metaphysicaly different from it. We are only acqaiunted with the things of the universe, and can only comprehend things along those lines. So how is it even possible to comprehend and talk about something like God that exists outside of the universe?"

They all, except for one, thought I was talking about the inadeqacy of language to describe God, so obviosly they misunderstood.

Does anyone know of a way to be better at comminicating philosophical questions?

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Can one be aware of that which is outside of awareness? (Wait for an answer.)
Then wouldn't awareness of something be an inherent demonstration that it is in fact "within" the universe of the person who is aware of it? (Wait for an answer.)

Then, how could we have awareness of god if god is outside of the universe?

(I think you have to speak to people based on their presuppositions. The first few questions are basically designed to sniff out what those are. And then the final question is based on the things they already hold as true -- otherwise they will just answer with non sequiturs and irrelevant scriptures.)

Or just go straight for the gusto and ask...

What, about god, can you demonstrate as factually true?

(With the conclusion being... everything else you have to say about him is bullshit.)
"...now be nice little theologians and go off and get yourselves... laid!"

Now, isn't that more appropriate?
Did you ask them why it seems more-so today than ever that the placebo of organized religion/places of worship are just psychological welfare zones? For example, who can afford a shrink? Best go to where it only costs a couple of bucks per visit to rant away about whatever media headlines tickle your hatred... or fears.

No lables no lies
no fronts to hide behind; anymore. Only the LCD screens to adore.
The rip-off of lobbied legislature to abhor.

I'm a poetic fool kyant ya tell mon!?


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