Arguing politics with right wingers is like arguing with creationists

Everything they say is based on beliefs, not evidence.  They seem to have no interest in an honest discussion of the facts.  Instead they hang on to their naive ideologies like "Freedom" and "govt is incapable and corrupt".  I hate taxes as much as the next guy, but sometimes the best solution is a public solution.


For right wingers, the only solution is a capitalistic solution - everything else is "socialist".


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on tactics that might get these people to open thier minds just a little bit?

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Wow, you masochist.
this implies that it was painful. I actually found it very enjoyable.
It is great, isn't it? The Nexus forum just rocks!
I found it freshing. Growing up in IN has skiewed my political vision. Well it did until I over heard some liberals in college talking about how clinton was actually a decent president. I looked up the facts on the interwebs and thought to myself... well $hit, he is a democrat. Just goes to show the more you know... the uglier and more twisted the truth can be. I am quickly learning that voting isn't voluntary, it should be a civic duty.
it should be a civic duty to vote only if you have honestly studied the issues. If you don't understand, don't vote!
Can I get a rAmen?
Oaths are but words
and words are but wind.
- 'n I don't remember who in the hell said it . . . one of those ancient Greek dudes.
I will disagree. If anyone has watched star trek or star wars you can easily see that you can clearly hear in a vacuum. Greek dudes are awesome
Indoctrination is indoctrination no matter what the topic. Many conservatives (I know this-- I live in the "Bible belt"!) spend their time watching Fox which continues to indoctrinate its viewers by feeding their political tendencies, lack of knowledge about the facts of history, and fears about what they cannot control such as the economy. It's a self-fulfilling process and they know exactly what they're doing. It is intentional. The strategy was developed 60 years ago by the Tobacco industry to obscure the facts about the dangers of smoking. They "hire" people with degrees (even if they are not relevant to the issue) to spread doubt and confusion. Presenting these people as "experts" even if they are totally discredited in the world of academia or research (think David Barton). It doesn't matter--- the public can't tell the difference. Then it's the public relations campaign to spread their message and BINGO-- you have a public that is confused and cannot tell what if fact and what is fiction. Thus, trickle down economics-- tax cuts for the wealthy are "good" for us even if they have ALWAYS resulted in deficits. This strategy has now been fully developed to attack the facts about a broad range of conservative and religious issues-- from global warming to evolution, from immigration to the economy, etc. It's all about the management of disinformation and spreading it effectively.
How true . . , but whaddayadotastopit?
Very good Marcy. I believe you nailed it perfectly. Thanks
I have found that most people like this simply can not be reached. If they are strict adherents to an ideology, who willingly and blindly follow others, they lack the capacity to think rationally. There are only a very select few that I have ever encountered with whom you could reason.



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