Arguing politics with right wingers is like arguing with creationists

Everything they say is based on beliefs, not evidence.  They seem to have no interest in an honest discussion of the facts.  Instead they hang on to their naive ideologies like "Freedom" and "govt is incapable and corrupt".  I hate taxes as much as the next guy, but sometimes the best solution is a public solution.


For right wingers, the only solution is a capitalistic solution - everything else is "socialist".


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on tactics that might get these people to open thier minds just a little bit?

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Here are two examples of redundant rightwing rhetoric:

"Let's get right to it"

"Let's have an adult conversation"

The first video illustrates this perfectly. They keep side-stepping the issues, which sounds a lot like creationists who never actually give proper, logical counterarguments.
I'm in a discussion like this with some conservative friends of mine right now.
Relevant article in WSJ by Thomas Frank, who wrote about how Republicans' were able to get poor and middle class white america to vote Republican despite their own best interets in "What's the matter with Kansas"

The Economic Crisis: Lessons Unlearned That Republicans have succee...

You can google the article title for access without a subscription to WSJ online


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