Dinesh D'Souza: I think it is no accident that the worst bloodbaths have come from anti-religious regimes because religion provides a framework of accountability. This framework was not present in the twentieth century totalitarian states. You have had bad guys in the past but they
were somewhat restrained by the fact that they had to be externally accountable for what they did. That is why the totalitarian states behave in the wanton manner they do. There is nothing to restrain them from committing egregious acts. It harkens back to what Dostoevsky's
said in The Brothers Karamazov: "Without God and the future life? How will man be after that? It means everything is permitted now." Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris do summersaults to prove that atheist crimes cannot be blamed on atheism which is incorrect.

Worst bloodbaths? I strongly doubt that. All of the wars that were fought in Europe for the past 2000 were fought by people who believed in god and religion. Anyone care to do a body count for those wars let alone the millions killed in the Crusades? What happened to the framework of responsibility here? Also Joe Stalin and Pol Pot, while they were atheist in name, were no rationalists who had any respect for evidence or reason. If they had, they would have long given up communism which all the evidence showed was not working. They were therefore atheists in name only and not in deed. Adolph Hitler, like Dinesh, was a Christian who had many dealings and full support of the Roman Catholic Church. And the Roman Catholic Church supported the escape of many prominent Nazis after the second world war.

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Hey Dinesh,
If religion provides "accountablity" how come it took outsiders so long to get the Catholic Church to deal with their pedophilic priests?
Which are still not dealt with. I haven't heard any of them in court or jailed yet?
Dinesh calls any crimes committed by atheists, "atheist crimes." Notice how he avoids labeling those committed by god-believers, of which there are countless more, as "religion crimes." In other parts of the interview, he also accuses college professors who teach reasoning and critical thinking of trying to indoctrinate young people away from religion and into atheism. Notice how he fails to mention that most of the energies of religionists are directed toward the indoctrination of the young and the instilling of intolerance toward nonbelievers. Dinesh thus reveals himself as not a rational debater but has a biased anti-atheist whose sole purpose is to foment hatred against us.
Yeah he's just a troll, I've come across him on forums on Facebook only to get himself banned for spouting sh1t. He's just another irritating fundie retard.

Dinesh also makes up numbers, claiming, for example, that there were only 2,000 victims of the Inquisition.  In fact, there were millions of victims in the first years, as Orthodox Catholic forces slaughtered Aryan Catholics in the south of France.  He also never mentions the countless Native American victims, not to mention the millions who fell in struggles between Hindus and Muslims.  The mass murderers of the 20th century all elevated their own ideology above the sanctity of human life.  Hitler was a racist Catholic; Stalin sacrificed millions of his own people for the Revolution (and his own power), as did Mao.  Pol Pot tried to turn his people away from an urban Western lifestyle and restore Cambodian traditional life and belief.  Then too, all these killers had the advantage of modern technology.  I wonder what Urban II, the Pope who started the Crusades, would have done with smart bombs and drones?  A nuclear missile or two?




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