Arguments for "Young Earth"/Creationism and against evolution and carbon dating...thoughts?

Hey all, happy Monday night.
I regularly post pieces on my Facebook page that address my non-belief, wherein I discuss my views on various topics relating to religion and atheism; since I have as many (if not more) friends who are believers as are non-believers, these posts invariable become debates on topics like Creationism vs. Evolution and why the Bible is a ridiculous book--both as a foundation for morality and as a reliable historical source--for anyone to follow.  The responses I get on either side of the argument range from the intelligent to the patently absurd.  It's always fun and interesting, though.
More likely than not, most of you have encountered the same arguments and protests from believers that I often do from my believer friends in these debates.

Here's where I'm interested in your input and insights:

When a non-believer comes at you with claims such as "there is in fact evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time", or that "carbon (and other forms of) dating are grossly unreliable and inaccurate"--or any of the myriad arguments that evolution is bullshit--how do YOU reply? 
What evidence do YOU give them? 
What are YOUR "talking points"?
What spurious arguments do they give you, and how do YOU refute them?

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Thanks much!

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Just point them to this William Lane Craig video. Many fundamentalists have probably never even heard of Craig but he's probably the most convincing Christian apologist alive. He doesn't believe that the Earth is young though.

You could also point them to the fact that Michael Behe, the scientific pillar of Intelligent Design, accepts the common descent of species (evolution) and his only criticism was that some species are irreducibly complex and could not have evolved from simpler organisms.



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