Arguments From Basic Principles For Limitations On God*

Argument 1. I would argue that mathematics and logic are independent of issues of the existence or non-existence of God/god/gods. Consider the following question. Can God/god/gods create a universe/reality where 2 + 2 = 3 or 5. I maintain that the answer is a resounding no! The axioms of arithmetic (which are restated as the foundation of all mathematics - check the first chapter of any advanced textbook or treatise from algebra on) are abstractions (not in the 'abstract art' sense) of the rules by which physical objects combine. To create a reality in which 2 + 2 = 3 or 5 would require magic/supernatural powers to change what was already four somehow to three or five, and to adjust the perceptions of all observers. I invite any theist to credibly argue for such a reality.

Argument 2. The known and unknown laws of physics that describe the world are logical and mathematical constructs that model physical existence and so are independent of the holy, spiritual, or supernatural. God/god/gods in/from/of an unknowable reality in acting on/through natural things is/are constrained by natural law. Theists then have a diminished basis for claiming that God is not subject to physical limitations or is in a realm beyond human comprehension. I invite any theist to credibly argue against such limitations.

*By which I mean any definition that satisfies the reader.

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