Hi everyone. I'm just introducing myself. My name is Emily. I'm an atheist, formerly from the east coast, NJ to be exact. I moved out here to Yuma with my husband and children almost 2 years ago. As much as we love it here, I have yet to meet any secular, freethinkers or atheists. This area is very much a God fearing one.

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Hi Emily.

I'm new to this site as well.  I live in southern Louisiana and very much love the culture of family and food and music, but the lack of critical thought (or even honest discussion) on religion feels a bit stifling.  My husband and sister (and 2 year old) are the only heathens I talk with, so I'm trying to branch out online.  :)

Anyway, hope you meet lots of freethinkers in the future! 


This part of Nebraska is very religiously oriented as well, but the Christians are more pragmatic here: they pretty much don't care what you believe as long as you mow your lawn and pay your bills.

I thought I would be the target of endless religious recruiters when I moved here (with all the pro-Wicca bumperstickers on my car) and even more so when I left Wicca entirely, but no, they don't come to my door. (Who says magickal talismans don't work? I still wear my pentacle [it's silver, I ain't throwing it aside] and nary a single assault on my intellect by a religious person]).

Shoot, the village even appointed me to the city council as an open atheist. (The parishioners at the church across the street still won't park on my side though - they'd rather walk in the snow than have our atheism rub off on their cars. That came from when we had our old car with all the Wicca bumperstickers.)

Hello and welcome Emily.  Here are some atheist/freethought groups you can consider depending on where you live.



Hello Emily. I belong to a community group with freethinkers, secular atheists here in Yuma AZ. Please message me personally and I'll share the information - I hesitate to share Atheist info publically so as to protect the non-theists ability to convene in a like-minded environment : )

Thanks, 'Del

Welcome Emily you are among friends.


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