If passed, AZ's Religious Discrimination SB 1062/HB 2153 Bill will give people & businesses a License to discriminate against Non-Theists, LGBT's, single women, people of varying races & people of differing faiths. We must unite to fight this*. Many AZ businesses are fighting this as it will hurt AZ's economy too.

Join the chorus of people sending a message to Arizona --Tell Gov. Jan Brewer to VETO SB1062 by calling 602-542-4331 or 1-800-253-0883 or email her via her contact page athttp://azgovernor.gov/contact.asp THANK YOU!! Brewer is a Republican right-wing 'christian' & this Bill was created by a Republican conservative 'christian' & backed by conservative christian power groups... so please focus correspondence about how this bill will hurt Arizona's economy, tourism, reputation, her future political career etc.

Brewer has until Friday 2/28/2014 to sign, not sign or VETO. IMPORTANT: what a lot of people don't realize...If Brewer just doesn't sign SB 1062, it STILL will become law - she must actually VETO the Bill to stop it! PLEASE spread the word with all you know! & all your social groups. Post on Facebook, Twitter, emails etc. If we don't take action now, many WILL be effected!!!!  Arizona already has a tarnished reputation of being backward.


 About the Bill:   http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/20140221brewer-reli...


Arizona Bill will allow people to discriminate based on 'Religious Beliefs'

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If they're going to put a bill like that into law (and if they do, the ACLU will light on their necks like a ton of bricks!!!), I propose another bill, which would allow seafood houses to refuse service to prospective bible-believing patrons, on the grounds that they'd be violating Leviticus 11:9-12.

After all, sauce for the goose is NOT a horse of a different color ... or something like that!

LOL, if only :)    Sadly, this state is very Republican evangelical 'christian' and such groups are VERY powerful and in the back pockets of Gov Brewer. As usual she's laying low and pretending to be 'reviewing' the Bill and praying about her decisions. Insider word is that she'll wait until Friday when media and activists are tapering off...  and either sign or not sign (not signing also pushes it into law).

Sadder still are all the LGBT non-theists & community who are complacent and not active against  injustices. 

My understanding is once passed, the Bill goes to Supreme Court but I might not wait that long... Colorado's looking pretty good as a future home. I get enough Discrimination for begin Atheist as is - so far my being Lesbian has had minimal bullying because I've maintained a respectful, professional image... but if people can use politics & law to Bully based on their 'religious beliefs', I don't need that hate and bigotry to affect me negatively.

Idaho Spud smiles.

A Petition to sign asking Brewer to Veto SB 1062. Thanks for all who help get word out and take action.


Thanks -- gladly signed. (Not that I'm "glad" about this attempt to put "I believe God said I'm allowed to not serve your kind" above civil law.... the negative publicity may do some good in the long run.)

Both of Arizona's US senators, Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake, as well as a number of Republican state legislators and other officials, and the Arizona and Phoenix chambers of commerce are now calling on Gov. Brewer to veto the bill.

If the bill becomes law, if it hasn't already, it would be unconscionable. Christians are again becoming every bit as evil as fundamentalist Islamists. I say again because Christianity was around before Islam, and back then, they were every bit what Islamic fundamentalism is today, and, in fact, many among the Christian community, have never given up this attitude of pure and unadulterated hatred of all things different or new. They were raised to hate these things and anything else their evil scriptures condemn. I think it's getting out of hand in my opinion, and that before long, we atheists will be next on the list for even more discrimination, just like the LBGT community, because according to most fundamental Christians (and there are a vast number and some of them even pull the strings with big money in D.C.), it's one thing to be LBGT, but it's another to be an atheist (the most hated and mistrusted demographic in America), and even another to be both LBGT and atheist !

It may soon come to the point where both groups, or should I say all three groups (accounting for those who are both LBGT and atheist), will have to physically defend themselves against widespread group violence by the religiously fundamental. I could be wrong on this last, but don't bet on it.

The "Kansas 'Religious Liberty' Bill" topic has largely shifted to SB 1062 -- lots more good discussion there, starting near the end of the second page.

Gov. Brewer finally got around to vetoing the bill yesterday!

I posted in the other discussion about my disappointment with the BBC's coverage:

Last night / this morning the BBC World Service had a segment on "Newsday" about Brewer vetoing SB 1062. (The relevant part starts at 4:30.)

Unfortunately, they uncritically aired lies, without any fact-checking, from former Republican congressman Joe Walsh: "Jan Brewer, by vetoing this bill, now enables the U.S. government to put a baker in jail for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding." "By vetoing this bill, Jan Brewer is gonna allow a photographer, the government to force a photographer to go to jail who does not want to take pictures at a gay wedding."

Such counterfactual scaremongering bullshit has no place on the BBC!

I sent a complaint to them at worldservice.complaints@bbc.co.uk . You might want to let them know what you think, as well.




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