Arizona Governor Jan Brewer creates a State FAITH Department!!!!!!!

Arizona's Governor Brewer is known for pushing her conservative religious agendas but this latest move seems unconstitutional - not to mention Discriminatory against non-theists! This department was not voted-on by the citizens of Arizona.  "It's a way to steer taxpayer dollars into the hands of faith-based groups who have no oversight," said Tory Anderson with the Secular Coalition for Arizona. She said they weren't approached at all about what she calls a back-door deal and if it had been presented as a bill during session, it wouldn't have flown under the radar. This is basically just the start and we have to say the separation of church and state needs to be clear and we need to say enough is enough," Anderson said

Article about Arizona's new FAITH & Community Department:

The department includes the word 'Community' ...which is a recent, clever religious marketing technique to lump religious agenda under one label & get the unsuspecting people to buy-in. 

One can bet there are AZ State Community/Citizen Boards who OK'd that department being formed & funded. One can further bet church members have saturated those Community/Citizen Boards (serving in Board Officer positions & their memberships paid for by their churches) so that they have the majority Vote which then submits and approves all religion-associated agendas and projects.

To appease the non-theists, it appears a member of the Secular Coalition of America was asked to serve on the board... reminder: if churches pay to have mass represenation on 'community' boards...the majority vote ALWAYS wins!!!!!!

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[sigh] Once again, time to call the dogs out on this crap.  Ordinarily, I'd ask when Brewer is going to learn, but she's demonstrated repeatedly that she pretty much doesn't know HOW TO.

Thanks for caring to reply Loren. Where are other Arizona non-theists who can unite for Atheist activism and get involved?  *sigh*

When I think of Brewer, this quote comes to mind: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  

Brewer has complete backing of all christian and religion-related groups in AZ. In a recent AZ Republic Newspaper article, the newspaper publically-endorsed Brewer's hand-picked evangelical christian replacement candidate Doug Doucey. If the AZ media and religious groups are all in the back pocket of Brewer...we all know how religion and media are POWERFUL & influence votes.

Also, since the Supreme Court recently struck-down the Overall Political Donation Cap, those MEGA-RICH churches & religion-related groups/businesses will make SURE religious-right candidates win... all the way up to the Presidency. $$$'s given to media campaigns (commercials, signage, mailings), campaign assistance (phone banks, door-to-door influence, community speakers, community forums, church speakers etc). 

LBGT A/SH, in 1969 I left Austin Texas and became an Arizona non-theist. In 1976 I returned to the 20th Century by way of San Francisco.

The GOP was then only half nuts. The far-right western conservatives had spent the 1960s expelling the eastern moderates, and to restore their numbers they went south to recruit the descendants of slave owners. The newbies brought their racism with them but it didn't take hold right away.

In 1972 I became an environmental activist and in 1974 ran in a GOP primary. I worked for a computer manufacturer and guys I worked with teased me with "A moderate Republican in Phoenix is a lonely man." I was too busy to know I was lonely. The woman who chaired the District Committee told me I was in the wrong party, so after I almost won the primary I quit the GOP and worked with Democrats.

The GOP went all nuts in the early 1980s, recruiting the evangelical xians without first counting them. They brought their unthinking obedience with them and took over the Party.

When the voters elected Obama the GOP's hidden racism exploded.

A "Faith" department is not separation of church and state. Anyone should know this and see it too. If this sort fo thing is not stopped then it will only spread.

It obvious she's either ignorant of or simply does not care what the the first amendment states very clearly.   She and her ilk are theocrats and would like nothing better than to replace our democracy with their Theocracy.  In their world you are an American only if you believe their religious BS.  

Let's keep in mind ... this is the same dip who thought she could poke her index finger in the Chief Executive's chest, for what reason or justification, I have no idea.  All I know is, were it me, I would have grabbed said finger and bent it back until she was on her knees.

Fact is, Jan Brewer is NOT all that and a bag of chips.  Only problem is, someone needs to rub her nose in that fact.  For better or worse, Barack Obama didn't deign to take on that task.

Obama should have taken her on Loren. She scored big points with the anti Obama loons when she did that. I thought she came across as an ignorant, arrogant bitch.

Which is probably because she's an ignorant, arrogant bitch...

Such a nasty thing to say about ignorant, arrogant bitches!

So true.

Brewer has no 'Class'.  Regardless of whether anyone agrees with President Obama's politics or actions... he has Class and Dignity  :)   Brewer is a power-monger Bully who'se leaving office and pushing her christian agenda before she exits. FYI, she's endorcing conservative christian Doug Ducey. Anti-Brewer citizens are asked to vote for Fred DuVal. ALREADY conservative christians are donating TREMENDOUS $$$$'s to Ducey's campaign.... hence why you see his name everywhere... thus, guaranteed votes from christians, evangelical religions and conservatives.


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