While Rush Limbaugh asks us not to blame Fox or talk radio, Huffington Post points out that the shooter was an "Ardent Atheist". Granted it is about half way through the article and they don't make too much of a point of it. However I am just waiting for all of the conservatives to deflect the finger pointing away from them and at the atheist community.


Just wait...



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And so what? Being an atheist is like being colorless, it just means to not believe is god or gods, it is not a dogmatic label like being called a Muslim.  So being an atheist cannot be a motivation in and of itself, to attempt to kill a US democratic party representative.


I read some of his posts at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread591520/pg1

Clearly this guy has some grave critical errors lurking somewhere in his hardware - I think his discovery of the worlds second greatest dirty secret after faith - that the monetary system is rigged and controlled by private interests - could have sparked, in combination with some insanity, a naive sense of zealotry on his part - I mean he should have targeted the Fed not some congresswoman.


I hope Atheism and the Anti-Fed movement won't be stained by this as these are the two most important movements in North America... maybe this shooting is a smear campaign? Could be, conspiracies are quite common after all, the privileged elite want to maintain the rigged inequitable status quo, a very historical theme indeed. The way to really fight the... oligarchical financial puppet masters who hold unlimited wealth due to their power to change the rules and print money legally at will... is to build a community with an independent democratic transparent monetary system. No killing people, this will only bring bad PR, reduce freedom, and play into the hands of the unelected banking elite.

A nut is a nut and this one was cracked regardless of the shape it took.

Supposedly 'pro-life' shapes are proving time-time again the most destructive, how ironic.

Just because one would have a token wooden cross hanging in their rear-view does not really convince any rational thinking person that their angelic by default.Grown-arse women and men act like foolish children and try to cover that up w/religion? Values? Phobias? f minus.

my 3000 cents:

Remember, they eat their own yet we, the 'left?' wing, are first on the 'mess-with' list in their nostalgic backwards minds. I blame lack of communication and trauma from either modernity fatigue and or fubar parents; noise blocking institutions. Like a lyric I heard "jesus, he keeps the noise out, jesus he keeps the street out..." sure, I bet 'he' does... : P



Jared Loughner clearly exhibited the signs of schizophrenia before his attack. A person with that severe of mental illness and a paranoid obsession with the government is hardly able to clearly identify a complex, abstract idea such as religion. It's more along the lines of thinking about it the same way as a child.

Loughner is apparently against all socially acceptable behaviors.  His Atheism is just what he sees as part of his "rebellion “ against social convention. I doubt he has any thought out religious conviction in any form.  He's just a fucking psychopathic killer.

What's funny about this is that he was a registered REPUBLICAN! (The AZ board of elections page is on Photobucket....I saw it at Pharangula)

Then there's always the recent report about this nut-job's reading selection.....Mein Kemph, Brave New World, etc.

First, Huxley pretty much wrapped that book up(Brave New World) with the Government winning. And Hitler? Seriously? How many Atheists take their cues from an example of christianity like good ol' Adolf? That's like taking your cues from Martin Luther or St Jerome...wait.....

(I'd make an exception for someone like Shelby Spong)

I own Mein Kemph. It's well written. Doesn't make me a racist nazi socialist.

I own Brave New World. One of my favorites. Doesn't mean I'm going to hang myself like the main character at the end of the book.....OOPS sorry for the spoiler....

I own The Rig Veda and Norse Eddas. Doesn't make me Hindu nor does it make me a viking....

I own the Kama Sutra. But I'm CERTAINLY not getting laid.

Gimmie a break. Can't someone just be a whacko without being associated with anything?

Gimmie a break. Can't someone just be a whacko without being associated with anything?

It's easier for some more than others.

Its funny how everyone passes crazy people's beliefs/religion like it was a bad ham or weak joint.
I pretty much pass any religion, crazy or not, like it was ditch weed




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