They're building a theme park centered around Noah's ark! Incidentally the restaurant is limited to serving up only two of every animal before they run out of stock.





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Creation Museum-----Barf......  makes me sick reading that page.... 

How can they even call it a museum, seems like a bit of a stretch.

I think I would rather visit a museum of belly button lint.  I don't believe any ammount of creationism fits the criteria for a "museum".  Why not a museum for smurfs, elves or leprechans?  (Sorry about the spelling.)

worst part is that the "creators" of the Ark Encounter theme park are slated to receive upwards of $40M from the state of Kentucky. 


fortunately, they appear to be low on funding and progress is very very slow.  i doubt this ever gets off the ground. 

40 million huh. And there are people starving in the world. More monuments to ridiculousness. These people are just stupid.

not to mention in their own state.  look at the proposed cuts for 2012. 




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