Let's not sugar coat this. The advertising group told a judge that they felt it necessary to have a $3 million insurance policy to protect themselves against angry Christians. That's how much Christian violence and vandalism are impacting American life on a daily basis.

To be fair, we cannot be sure that this was the "real reason" the company denied the ads. Even so, it's compelling that they and their lawyers decided that their most believable claim was that they were afraid of Christian vandalism.


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Given that christianity is the bloodthirstiest "philosophy" ever to bedevil poor humanity,  the insurance co. is right.
Well at least the court found in favor of the Atheist group because the ad agency was clearly discriminating against Atheists.

"In a victory for non-believers, a judge in Arkansas has ruled in favor of an atheist group that tried to place ads on city buses but was denied."

Brian has a point too, christians are hostile toward differing viewpoints and would probably vandalize the ads.
Yes. Brian has a point: The insurance companies are probably right. The risk of vandalism is high. But the thing is... that's not the atheists' fault, and it's not fair for them to have to pay for the Christians' bad behavior.
In fact, I'd say it's a pretty good strategy to continue putting pressure on companies by... well... existing publicly. If corporations get fed up with Christians' bad behavior, the *will* put a stop to it.




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