religious freedom bill

Also know as "Freedom to discriminate"

Maybe it's the bias of my own news search algorhythm.  I don't see reproductive rights advocates, women's rights advocates, atheists, getting quite as worked up about this as the LGBT community.   Id did see this movement discussed on  The Friendly Atheist and Evolution websites.   Am I wrong?  I hope so.  It affects all.  The bills would likely mean further challenges to reproductive freedom.  The bills are only for supporting religious expression, not nonreligious and not "conscience" separate from religion.

I don't think the bills will help with the antivax issue, either.

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I've seen quite a bit of discussion. Most of it hostile to the bill. Lots of talk on City Data  even in the local subforums 

Ah, the conservative retro dark ages mentality!Isolating all the assets at the top; and keeping the peasants uneducated and obeying the Catholic church's every lie. Those were the good old days. A million children running around until most eventually died of poverty and disease.

Who wouldn't want to live a shorter life under conditions of extreme poverty, and fear of religious authority?

That's why I'll never again cast a vote for religious freaks.

I'll never again cast a vote for a religious person, freak or not.  I will also never hire them, or have anything to do with them.

The GOP is getting closer to the 2016 split that Rudy Giuliani predicted.

Let's keep the heat on business people; they are rational.

LGBTQ people are winning now because twenty-plus years ago they started coming out of their closets.

As I learned when I was more active than I am now, in this land of the free and home of the brave, people who want to be free have to be brave.

One woman in Detroit is trying to use this new religious freedom idea to sue the police department because they violated her religious rights. Her religion feeds the homeless and the cops arrested her for doing so and she got a $2,000 fine.

I hope she wins.




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