Long have I loved the history channel as a way to learn something while still being entertained. This past week, and even before that, I have seen so much Nostradamus, Christian, and other pseudo bull on this channel. What is up with the obsession of 12/21/2012? I don't get how people can so quickly (and seriously) take in a "prophesy" that some savages who would rip the heart out of innocent people to "praise their gods" made up. Has the history channel started taking pseudo science seriously now? Why do I need to know that Nostradamus wrote these poems that we now relate to every bad thing that ever happens these days?

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very true.
I find such things interesting, not that I belive in it, but more toying with the fact of how it now affects today society, but I agree, these things shouldn't belong to a history channel but more one devoted to well, the paranormal and the ilk.
The History Channel has an established history of delving into the land of woo-woo, whether it be UFO's, the Bermuda Triangle, or "ghosts". Some of the shows on the History channel are pure bunk. They have their fair share of excellence, but their trips into the magical land of make believe can be frustrating (Especially when trying to answer questions about it at work the next day).
I've been disappointed with the quality of the History Channel's programming for years. It consists of
60% Biblical history, 30% UFO's and Ghosts and 10% Hitler.

It used to be very entertaining.
I agree...They take the cheap, lazy and sensational route...Very disappointing.
One of the best series they ever had was on American Indian's..It was thoughtful and fascinating and truthful..I really enjoyed it.
I have heard the same angered sentments over at pharyngula. I see it as slowly exposing Christiasns to the giant abyss know as thier "Comprehensive" Theology. But everyone is right. the future inherrantly lies outside of the history channel's jurisdiction.

Not that i have a problem with psuedo-science. After all, Aristotle could be considered anong the first Scientists and he was definately a psuedoscientist. Burgening and controversial feilds of inquiry are necessary and important to Comprehensive Knowledge of the universe--After all, the Evolutionary models proposed by Lamarch (i am too lazy to get the name correct, if it is even close in the first place) and Darwin were highly controversial topics that "delved into God's territory". Atomic theory and Quantum mechanics while not young, share similar trends with the flair, as it were, for dramatic science.

Perhaps what i'm really asking is what is the exact technical definition between plausibility and possibility, Science Fiction and Science Fantasy? we are entering an era of dramatic paradigm shift, and- if you believe in this sort of thing -rounding the curve so to speak on our exponential growth function as a society- this backwards-lloking view of ourselves as another species of life only weakens our resolve to change our animalian identity into a storage capacitor for our Will to Power.

The anger at the History channel is indeed misdirected. They are playing the "No Excluded Middle" game, and they are trying to unburden the knowledge of real archeologists and changes in society upon the woefully ignorant masses. It is not exactly thier fault that our system in america virtually ignores intellectual potential, as a means of control and placation. Why else would the Reading level be at 5th grade universally? And the schoolds be so shitty? No consideration for intelligence that doesn't make dollars and cents...

I hope my rant was somewhat constructive...
The History Channel is slowly but swiftly becoming the christian propaganda education channel. I even e-mailed them to voice my displeasure, not that it would do anything.
It is a bit ironic that the History Channel is talking about "possible" future events, isn't it?
That was hilarious!
It was indeed!!!!!
I saw a program today called "Mysteries of the bible" it showcased shroud of torin, noah's ark, sodom & gomorah, parting of the red sea, and the bible code. most of the people interviewed were people of faith spouting the "facts" of the true bible. Rabbis & priests all saying this is absolute proof that god exists and put all those predictions in the bible. But at the end this guy, a Statistician, talks about finding word patterns in the bible, listing events in history, this guy decided to check out other books to see what happens. He found the Kennedy assination in Moby Dick. So much for Intellegent Design. i found it pretty funny. By the way they can't find noah's ark anywhere. Go figure.
Moby Dick was obviously devinely inspired. It's the only explaination! :D


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