Article 6 - North Carolina - no atheists in office (Rachel Maddow)

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Thank you Rachel Maddow. I knew it would pay off to not fall for that whole 'gay people are evil' thing. She's one smart dyke! Yay Rachel!
I'm surprised that his lack of religion did not come up when he was running for election in the first place, honestly. Generally, that is the basis of who the majority consider to be a good candidate. >.X
Too bad for the fucktards in NC, the US constitution trumps N. Carolina's.
North Carolina isn't the only state with that crap in it's constitution.
Betting most people in all of the States that have this law are unaware of the existence. In many states (usually out west) there are laws still on the books that tried to address whore houses by making it illegal for some maximum number of women living in one house. Guess they never considered convents...
The same law is present in South Carolina's constitution... Oh well, thank Jeebus for the Superiority Clause!

It's really too bad I have no intention nor do I have the background to ever run for public office, I'd love to take on the fanatics who don't realize (or don't care) that the supposed law doesn't actually matter.
Can we all just start swearing to any deity we pick, what about myself? Or if we all said so help me Thor maybe they would get the hint. Once this came up for a notary approval in NV and my response was "pains of penalty is really sufficient, do you mind if we go with that and leave the gods out of it?" She laughed quite a bit and agreed that did seem pretty sufficient before stamping the paper for me.




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