I recommend to all my fellow heretics the cover story of this month's Atlantic.  "What ISIS Really Wants" makes it eminently clear that defining motivation of ISIS is indeed religion, the most backward, violent, intolerant brand of religion imaginable, turning the clock back to 600 AD and sentencing 200 million Shi'ites and every Muslim head of state who puts the  laws of man above those of the Quran, not to mention all the rest of us infidels, to death or slavery, all in preparation for the apocalypse.  

I don't know which is worse, the grip of their vile, murderous psychosis...or the arrogance of their pretensions to world domination.  

Atheists know the real problem is religion -- in particular, the selective reading of holy books.  It's nice to see the mainstream press start to realize it.

Favorite quote:

"[ISIS'] rise to power is less like the triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (a group whose leaders the Islamic State considers apostates) than like the realization of a dystopian alternate reality in which David Koresh or Jim Jones survived to wield absolute power over not just a few hundred people, but some 8 million."   

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We are a key player in their apocalyptic vision.  If they can draw the Great Satan into battle, they'll gain enormous respect and lots of willing martyrs.  That's why some people think we should not get involved and let them implode -- or at least let Muslim countries handle it.  What, Tuiisia and Indonesia aren't sending soldiers?  Don't they know these nutbags have condemned them to death as apostates -- and that they don't respect national borders?.

So True:

ISIS is really about using propaganda and violence to win over the Muslim world, by using Westerners as pawns in their game of chess.  They want to rule the Islamic world so they paint themselves as the ultimate force for Islam in the world.

We in the west are just a sideshow to them.

They are not about attacking the west, that is at the moment just propaganda.

Their war is truly with the other sects of Islam.

They are winning the hearts and minds of many devout Muslims by their persistently demonstrating that they are winning for their prophet's glory and for Islam.

The boasting is their propaganda and it is currently winning.

The continual movement of young people in Europe and the West to join them is proof of this.

Though, the Religion of Islam is also a side issue.

It is their leadership that is more about territorial control than following the Q'uran, so it is essentially Greed using Religion as an excuse for territory and power grabbing.

Islam is really just an excuse!

Truly a children's crusade.  I don't get it.  Do they really think they can conquer or kill billions of the rest of us?  All the Chinese, Germans, and Brazilians have to convert or die?  The delusion is breathtaking.

DOG, they really believe it. As with the Nazis (sorry), their mind-control and PR techniques are first-rate.  They talk and behave like cult members.  Religion first, power second.

It's really about Wahabi vs Sunni, 

You are right in that the Wahabi groups like ISIS consider the Sunnis as apostates and they want the entire world to be Wahabi.

They know they cannot defeat the Western world (at the moment) but their pretence at being successful is winning young impressionable Muslims over to their side as they want to join in the victory for Islam.

They want to exterminate the other Muslim sects and take over the entire Muslim world, pushing it back to the 7th Century CE, and deliberately provoking the West by destruction of what the West consider are valuable heirlooms and cultural symbols.

It is all part of the provocation to get the West involved directly and make them appear as a force to be reckoned with, or in other words, give them global credibility as a power.

Yes, this is why the West should ignore them.

The most we should ever do is train the other Islamic sects to fight back and let it be a Muslim war.

It was the West for a long time that armed and trained the Wahabi Muslims for their own uses, such as to destabilize the Islamic nations.

It is this training and supply of technology that is biting the West back.

These people are delusional in the extreme. And dangerous (they're taught not to respect national borders in spreading Islam).  Thanks for the add'l detail.  

They are so demented that they have to kill every other kind of Muslim.  The breadth of their ambitions is appalling.  NObody beyond this deranged cult is going back to the 7th century.  

As long as they're stuck and contained in their little sand/shit semi-state, we should be able to live with it.  But the plan for world domination and apocalypse ain't gonna fly.    

To much of the worlds youth this is all a romance about fighting for them. The day may come when it all destructs from inside. How powerful will they become before that day arrives? The world wants to say this is not all about religion, but it is a religion that pushes it. If we do not handle ISIS and ISIL properly the day may indeed come when we ask "why didn't someone do something."

Yes, we knock down their religion and their excuse for establishing the dictatorship they seek will be replaced by another.  Yes, it appears to be all about religion on the face of it.

Yet, their tactics go beyond their religious doctrines and dogma, the clever use of the Internet and other things such as their ability to get and use weapons, shows that there is some serious finance behind their efforts, and where does this come from?

The source should be found and extinguished, no more money, weapons and Internet access, should be the first attack, Anonymous is supposedly trying to destroy terrorist's Internet access, yet, either they are not doing anything or they are being beaten by ISIS.

Something more powerful than just a religious body is behind them, supplying them with skills and weapons which would not be acquired through their religious heritage.

So before I commit to making an unjustified assertion that it is all about religion, there are many other questions that must be addressed with evidence.

I think it appears to be more political than religious.

So I will hold that view until somebody can disprove it.

That is my natural skepticism kicking in.

Anonymous is good but maybe they are looking in the wrong places so far. This issue gets complex and weapons sales is a big thing here. Weapons and armaments are usually sold by governments or someone within the weapons industry. The motive is profit and has nothing to do with a belief system. If it is decided that the ones being supplied are wrong and a threat, then you can shift the balance of power to another side.

It's the old adage, "create for the king an enemy." Profit is always number one.

This is the problem for Western leaders.  Even without admitting that Christianity and Judaism are equally arbitrary and insane, Westerners must argue that the Quran is being selectively read -- and the penalty for doubting the total inerrancy of the holy book is death.  

And where is the Western leader who will point out that religion is not the answer to the region'a problems, that religion is holding it back?  Don't expect the cultists to listen to that argument.  But there must be bold opposing voices, not (just) military force.  We must make it clear that we regard their religion as a harmful form of mental illness, that the world will not tolerate a culture of enslavement and violence in its midst, and that their pretensions to conquer the rest of us are laughable.  

Immediate action is needed, before they start blowing themselves up in Times Square.

"Hey mr. nobody, come here. You wanna have sex with beautiful women. Strap on these explosives and go blow yourself up, taking the infidels with you. Yes, that's right. 72 virgins. Don't worry. You will have a spirit body."

Yes, and truly sad it is.  Throughout history, delusional religious and political ideas have drawn young, impressionable people looking for a purpose and some sex.  Easier to die in jihad  and get the virgins (I myself would prefer experienced women; the phrase also translates into "white grapes," I believe) than to get a date in the real world, right?  

But it's also noteworthy that many of the religious crazies are educated and presumably intelligent people  (the 9/11 hijackers) who are able to compartmentalize religion in their otherwise rational minds

If only our President would acknowledge this.

I was reading another article which pointed out that you don't need to go back to 600AD to see this barbarism. This was alive and well long into the 19 century when Europe started to colonize the area. Saudi Arabia only ended slavery in the early 1960s under pressure from the US. Beheadings an similar stuff went  until the French and other powers put a stop to it.in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The point is, to almost any flavor of Islam there is no church/state distinction. It is unacceptable that the state would act in any way in defiance of the religion.




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