As An Atheist Can Your Life Have Purpose and Meaning?

I was wondering what other people thought about this.

I realize we weren't born with a purpose. No creator or "higher calling".

But as a non believer can your life have meaning and purpose without god?

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Alex, why doesn't another atheist of Hitchens' ability step up?

Several idle replies.

1. We other atheists would verbally nail him to a cross of our design.

2. He first has some serious drinking to do.

3. He's on his way, but first has to win battles like those that Robert Ingersoll won.

4. In our hearts we are anarchists and would bomb him.

A less idle reply.

The need that existed in Ingersoll's time doesn't exist in our time. In his time, while the First Amendment existed, the federal courts applied it only to actions of the federal government (if they applied it at all) and let states do as they wished.

According to what I've read of Bill of Rights issues, a search and seizure action by the federal government in about 1916 was the first to be challenged in court. When a judge held that the federal government had violated the search provision, the federal gov't cut a deal with state police for the state police to do the searching and to turn the evidence over to the federal gov't for use in court. Over a period of about fifty years, states gradually strengthened their search laws to where they were stronger than Fourth Amendment protections and the feds stopped using state police to do the searching that the courts didn't allow the feds to do.

Bill of Rights protections didn't exist until into the 1920s. World War One protesters were jailed, as were women who taught poor women how to use birth control, and working people who were organizing for their rights. America was more fascist than it is now.

Alan what you say is true, personal morality is independent of religious belief. I hope that an atheist steps up to take Hitchens place.
Robert Ingersoll - great man.

Wow, Steph! Your comment rings a loud bell with me. I've been struck for lo many years with the fact my personal morality I consider superior to the somewhat onerous religious package dealt me throughout childhood. Not only is it superior; it fits me to a T.

I second the comments by Write4u and Rich.

Billions of dollars and untold human suffering to stop consensual "crimes" like pot use.  I do agree that the abstemious Abrahamic religions want you to get all your truth from them, with no chemicals causing you to question the message.  What if one of the many drug-centered religions had taken over the world stage?  Religious shops would sell prime bud instead of rosaries.

The government-approved drugs - alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco - are perfect for promoting aggression, all-consuming work, and obedience to authority.

Alan,  There’s a very enlightening podcaston mj that I arranged some years ago.  Lester Grinspoon of Harvard is the man who got me into writing.  I asked him if he’d do an internet radio interview with a friend of mine, Lynn Thompson of Vancouver. 

The show was heard by thousands of people since then.  What’s important, to my view, is that Lester, as dean of Harvard medical school, asserts categorically that grass does not cause any physical body damage. 

Think of it:  booze causes cirrhosis of the liver, kidney damage, pancreatic cancer.

Cigs cause lung cancer, emphysema, throat cancer, heart damage with claudication (shortness of breath).   

Mj causes absolutely no damage, because one only needs a hit or two to achieve the desired effect.  With a bad habit, tobacco addicts will administer their habit 400 times a day.  (Each pack has twenty cigs.  Each cig is inhaled ten times.  Multiplying, a two-pack-a-day habit results in 400 inhalations.) 

Plus mj is non-addictive for psychologically healthy people.  Figure it out:  booze and tobacco are illegal causing tens of thousands to rot in jail.  Grass is illegal because it deconditions people and it’s bad for business. 


I have known this about MJ for years. It's nice to have my beliefs reinforced. Thanx ;-}

Pandora, here’s another pertinent consideration:  You can’t OD on grass.  If you imbibe too much THC you simply pass out and when you wake up in the morning, you don’t even have a hangover!  Compare that too booze. 

Or take gambling which is legal.  If you overindulge in horses, poker or casino games, you wind up broke.  There’s no limit to the damage people can do to themselves and family.  They wind up indigent and self-alienated.  The desert surrounding Las Vegas is filled with shallow graves of people who lost.


Yes, Richard. I agree. I no longer enjoy the after-effects of drinking alcohol. Quit cigarettes in 1991. But still enjoy a toke now and again ;-}

Well, PandoraBoxe, I don't have to toke. Just being able to breath it works for me. (I'm serious.) As for cigarettes, I quit them 14 years ago.

After effects of drinking alcohol went away years ago. Last night I had 10 beers and found 2 left in the frige this morning. Damn! I'll drink those 2 tonight. Then we will lay off it a while.

Congrats on quitting smoking. Way to go.

"Grass is illegal because it deconditions people and it’s bad for business. "

Grass is bad for profit-taking from the work of people in a lower economic class, and profit-takers own America.

Tom, expound on this, OK?  Are you connecting the dots the way I am?






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