As An Atheist Can Your Life Have Purpose and Meaning?

I was wondering what other people thought about this.

I realize we weren't born with a purpose. No creator or "higher calling".

But as a non believer can your life have meaning and purpose without god?

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It seems to me that one of the sickest ideas of Christianity is that pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, is sinful.

Doctor, this is one of the major theses of my book.  Also, my friend Barbara Walker uses this theme throughout Man Made God.  Consider that nuns were often commanded to shower and bathe with their habits on, so as not to offend God.  So I think you should use the word “stupid” as well as sick.  God supposedly created their bodies, so why the heck should the ladies feel obligated to cover up even when cleaning themselves. 

As you probably know, the history of anesthesia goes back a long way.  Ether, one of the earliest, dates back to the alchemists, perhaps discovered in the 13th century.  But it wasn’t used until centuries later for fear of upsetting God’s plan.  Think of all the pain, especially to women in childbirth that might have been avoided or alleviated.  The unnecessary suffering caused by misguided and brainwashed church leaders is immeasurable. 

Many American Civil War amputations were performed with a shot of whiskey and  soldiers learned to “bite the bullet.” 

I’ve written extensively on my blog about this theme.  How about St. Dominic, one of the founders of the Inquisitive.  A bloomin’ sadomasochist and he has a New World country and a few cities named after him.  That’s him on the throne below. 





The text in the essay reads: 

That’s him on the throne below.  In the remarkable picture below, that’s St. Dominic on the throne, not even condescending to look at the condemned.  He reminds me of the Martian head in the fishbowl in the old sci-fi thriller, Invaders From Mars, 1951.  It’s the cold dispassionate detachment I find so striking, as if the holy man of God were stepping on a pair of insects. 


I enjoyed reading about history of anesthesia Richard. I will certainly check out your blog to read more. And I love the artwork you posted here too. You don't know how much I appreciate your contributions to my discussion.

Thanks, Steph.  I appreciate your insights also.  I'm glad somebody got into this picture.  It says a lot.  Surreal is the only word for it, but the Auto da Fe was a historical, documented fact. 

The two condemnees at the lower right are so pathetic.  One of them has his hands joined in prayer, as if to say, "Oh, Lordee, I didn't mean to say the Trinity was bs, please gimmee another chance.  I'll keep my mouth shut." 



Also, it's hard to believe that the sado-masochist monster sitting in judgment on the thrown is none other than the revered Saint Dominic, founder of the Dominican order and namesake of the island nation, Santo Domingo.


Yes Dr. Allan H. Clark they had weird acts of penance in the church. I read about them whipping themselves with a belt of spikes. And of course I've heard about the chasity belts the women would wear. Didn't they have a lock on those - I'll have to find a picture of that.
Sisyphus was eternal.

But his life was rocky and much of it an uphill battle.

never a truer word spoken   life is one long slog

Yes, but not Hades.  Hades wasn't a place of eternal tortune, but merely a place to rest after crossing the river Styx and paying the ferryman, Charon.  It took some pretty sexually repressed bishops to come up with the concept of eternal pain and suffering.

The hell referred to in the Bible is Hades/Sheol. Tartarus was even mentioned once in the Old Testament.

Ok, I stand corrected.  St Mark even mentions the devil being "cast into everlasting fire".  So let me modify my statement by saying the clerics never tried to scare the crap out of believers until 325 and they knew they had national hegemony.  They started burning pagan libraries, discouraged learning, and immolated heretics.  The eternal-fire meme came into its own.  There're still many people today who believe if they miss church on Sunday or blaspheme, eternal torture awaits them.

Psychologically, it keeps believers on a pretty tight leash. 


CATHOLIC church the church of fascists nothing to do with CHRISTIANITY   



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