As An Atheist Can Your Life Have Purpose and Meaning?

I was wondering what other people thought about this.

I realize we weren't born with a purpose. No creator or "higher calling".

But as a non believer can your life have meaning and purpose without god?

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well of course, but it wasn't "preordained" like many think.  If it makes you happy and you are contributing then you have a good purpose.  I feel that my job is my purpose, even though this school year it has been trying!

Our lives have the purpose and meaning we give to them.

Mine is to create good human beings, help in my community, become as knowledgeable about topics that interest me, and run my business and support my family.

Someone else may have a different list.

I have never understood why belief in a God gave life "meaning and purpose".  Because of the unprovable, unseen afterlife?  You have to live now for then?

I'd rather live now as well as I can for now and not worry about that which cannot be known.

Thank you so much for your response Robin and I would agree with you.

Yes - live for now

Ones actions and their consequenses is what gives ones life meaning. The actions of Shindler, Zuckof, and Pastuer gave all their lives huge significant meaning. For most of us our actions have more meager consequenses, jobs of less significance, or raising our children, leaving as small a carbon footprint, etc. But while more meager our lives do still have consequence and meanig

Gawds existence or lack thereof, or our belief in him has no bearing whatsoever on t level of significance or meaning does it?

Thank you Paul for your reply. I appreciate all the replies and responses I get here. I agree that a god's existence does not give any meaning to life or any significance.

Not only does belief in god fail to add genuine significance to life, it inhibits finding meaning in life and understanding truth by investing in delusion.

Indeed, Allan, religion makes it near impossible to find any real meaning to one's life, because it inserts an artificial "meaning" which only has relevance because the person is taught that it MUST have relevance!

I'm not certain how anything can be more despicable than that, at least on the individual level.

My purpose in life is to make other humans life better and easier by science and inventing new ideas (the only thing im good at ).

As for the meaning of life, it depends on the each person.

Iife for me has been only suffering so I can't have a final judgement on that rightnow.

I try to help people too Adam - I think that is a good purpose to have.

Sorry to hear you have been suffering.

Thanks for your reply.

As an Atheist I think you can choose your own purpose in life. Does not have to have anything to do with a GOD!

Correct Lee - I agree you don't need a belief in a deity to have a purpose - you chose your own purpose and meaning.

Yes. Humans need for a perfect life without religion and ideology.
Well do not need religion, but religion is more help to do bad things.





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