As An Atheist Can Your Life Have Purpose and Meaning?

I was wondering what other people thought about this.

I realize we weren't born with a purpose. No creator or "higher calling".

But as a non believer can your life have meaning and purpose without god?

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Isn't that the existential dilemma, finding meaning and purpose where there is none? Our lives have just as much meaning and purpose as we choose to create for ourselves and others. What we give and take. I found life having no real meaning and purpose a freeing experience. I was then free to create and chose to give life all the meaning and purpose I can. Meaningful or meaningless, life is short, fragile and full of challenges ,giving it meaning is just one of those challenges.  Eventually the question will be pointless and meaningless itself. At least that is what I believe as an atheist, as I only know I exist when I exist. 

George, I agree,

"I found life having no real meaning and purpose a freeing experience. I was then free to create and chose to give life all the meaning and purpose I can."

~George Gordner  

Hey Steph,

Absolutely! I think my purpose is to entertain or help others in some way. To have some sort of positive influence on people in contact. Like this boy who learned my guitar method and got a performing arts scholarship to college. People like you laughing at my stupid book. I believe in "try to leave a mark". Some kind of contribution. The biggest thing is kids, though. Trying to raise them to be mostly happy, balanced adults.

Or..."The secret of life" is that there IS no secret!

I do what pleases me, and after reading the posts in here, I remembered one little thing that brings me joy...making other people laugh.  I love the sound of sincere laughter; that's sort of the way I choose who I want to hang out they make a polite little heh-heh, or let go and roar. 

I wish I'd figured that out when I was a lot younger.


Excellent!  Being happy is a worthy goal for all of us.  Happy people tend to make the people around them happier, too. 

Jeez, I hate to break up this happiness party, but if being happy means being unaware of the institutions that cause job loss and the accompanied health and retirement funds loss, then happiness is a delusion not worth having. 

If, on the other hand. one can be cognizant of what is happening that is deliberately causing pain and suffering, and one can work toward solving those conditions with a calm and peaceful heart, I would be able to join the party. 

"a calm and peaceful heart".  Isn't that what Babe (the pig) had?


Well ... it was "a kind and steady heart" ... but like the man says ... that'll do.

A kind and steady heart.  Very nice.  Thank Loren.  

I looked briefly through my DVDs to pop it in and make sure, but didn't find it.  Once in a while I forget almost everything is to be found on YouTube.



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