As an Extropian one of the goals in my life is to live as healthy as possible. And I need some help on it.

1) What kind of diet, in your opinion, promotes the healthiest living and longlivety?
Please direct me to a source of information regarding the diet.

2) How much exercise and what kinds of exercise should a person do to stay in top shape? (not body building)

3) Are there other activities (eg. yoga) or medication that promotes overall mental and physical health or longlivety?

4) In order to ensure I live to age 60+ I decided to check for terminal illnesses twice annually. Where do I go to get a full body check and what do I ask for?

5) What jobs are most associated or support transhumanism/extrophy/immortalism?
5a) And which European university do you mostly recommend for each particular job?

6) How can I keep my long hair healthiest, shiny and slow the shedding process?

Thank you.

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Thanks for the suggestions :), I'm off to bed soon and I'll try washing my teeth with left hand, haha.

This is still open for anyone who wants to share their opinions.




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