As the Annual War on Christmas (and Everything Christian) Revs Up, We Can Thank James Madison ...

...for both major and minor victories.

Madison's major victories (and those of other founders) are described in The Founding Fathers and the Debate over Religion in Revolutionary America: A History in Documents, edited by Matthew Harris and Thomas Kidd and published in 2012 by Oxford University Press.

To see one of his minor victories, read James Madison's "Detached Memoranda," circa 1817-1832, the final document in Constitution and Ratification, the book's third section. In it he reflected on his political career.

Many of us engage in the continuing and necessary struggle for religious liberty in a small way, perhaps by writing the abbreviations Xmas and Xian or Xtian. Among Madison's many abbreviations, he went all of us one better. For Christian he wrote Xn, and for Christianity he wrote Xnity.

Some of us will protest "I'm not at war with Xnity."

I am, and I hope all of us know that many Xns are at war with religious liberty.

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I am at war with religions.  I used to believe religion was helpful in some instances. Or at least harmless.  The more I've studied of different religions the less I find this to be true. Religion is harmful in most instances.  So many evils have been committed in the name of various gods that there is not enough good in religion to make up for it.  We all know the wrongs.  With a religious lunatic like Scalia sitting on our highest court religion becomes ever more frightning indeed.

And I totally enjoy pissing off one particular christian at a local store by replying happy hanukkah to her merry x-mas.





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