Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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HBO is a movie channel that you have to pay extra to receive. We have several similar movie channels, such as Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, etc.
Yeah we used to have showtime, its the network that provided all the discovery channels+ Italian football league
What country are you studying in, if you don't mind saying? I'm curious about how you find the cultural difference there.
Canada, I already knew about everything in the Canadian/American culture before I came here.
Ah, you must find it just about the opposite culture in Canada? Most people don't care about your religion and don't discuss it right? That is my understanding of many places anyway, like Toronto or Montreal. In the west it may be less taboo to talk about religion.

When I asked if you felt repressed or resented your environment I was thinking of my family. I love them, of course, and I don't want to be disowned by them but I couldn't take the guilt and the fear and the stress that their requirements put on me all the time. I did resent all that pressure. I wonder how you manage to avoid it.
yeah people don't discuss religion, and many people don't know much about Islam or Middle East, a woman thought Muhammad was a god, and a chick from Newyork never heard of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and doesn't know what Iraq is :/

for me I don't care if my family doesn't know, its not like they talk about God and religion all the time, and its not as easy as telling Christian parents from a western country, Islam is pretty much part of the culture and heritage, if you leave Islam its like you betrayed your own culture or something like that, so I don't mind them, I actually enjoy sitting with many religious relatives, they have great sense of humor, and I love to laugh and when they sit we don't talk about religion, we talk about other things like politics, etc.
I've heard of single women traveling to Saudi with men who aren't related to them/boyfriends who pretend to be their husbands/brothers/fathers to avoid any problems that a single woman might come across. I know that this is punishable. Is it heavily enforced or do people look the other way?

Thanks for answering all the questions by the way.
I don't really think women here will have problems if they come alone, but if you tried to dodge or break the law, they would probably deport you or ask you to not do it again depends on what you did.
I am guessing that the intent here is that there aren't single men roaming around looking at the women who are perceived as married and harmless. Is that accurate? I'm not sure what harm a single woman could be other than being a danger to herself.

I am not married. I have lived with my partner for 11 years and I often refer to her as my wife but there was no ceremony. Neither of us care to have a religious ceremony which would be meaningless and a state ceremony is equally meaningless to us. The tax-man takes our joint filings regardless. Discussions with my family have even become a point of amusement. Common-law marriages (people living together for more than 6 months I believe) are not uncommon. I guess this means that we couldn't visit Saudi Arabia together though.
Yeah, if you ever wanted to visit Saudi you're going to need a civil union or marriage.
It all depends on the family, some families give their daughters the option, some want them to continue their education and some want them to get married after high school.

yeah many women do have careers, at least in my family.

pills against pregnancy are sold here, but abortion is not allowed as it goes against Islamic principles, unless the pregnancy threaten the mother's life.
I'm sure there are Atheists in Saudi but I doubt it's "growing like wild fire", about richarddawkins.net, I don't know how did Saudi get 2.7% of viewers, keep in mind there are something like 8 million expats in Saudi :P 30 thousands are Americans, if I'm correct.

So you found it ridiculous because he was praying not because of what he believes, strange.



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