Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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Thanks for all your answers, Im Swedish and here we brag about our multicultural society but in reality ( to my best knowledge) it feels that we and the immigrants from the middle east are very separated and dont mix alot. I got a feeling that the immigrants dont want to mix with us and they stay inside their own community. I absolutely admit that also it is hard and difficult for elder swedes to understand them due to complete lack of experience and some ignorance. Young mix well due to same school and better education about these matters. I never asked my immigrant friends though what their parents think of sekular people like us or our society which seems to work morally with out a god. ( well it works by my own standard of morality even though we drink, have premarital sex but still we dont steal alot and so on), I never was inside the head of the immigrants but would like to hear what you think they thunk about us, it is a tricky question I know and maybe impossible to answer. I guess Im looking for some comfort to hear that on both sides we are trying to understand each other and that we both have hope that we can find a good development and equilibrium of moral standard and that multiculturalism can work.
I guess there are a few believing ( strong right wing parties) that muslims are infiltrating us from the inside to break us down and eventually make us all muslims. ( i guess the same goes for christian evangelists who wants to spread the gospel).. This is somewhat ranting I know.. Im speaking of the fear in western societies that islam will take over.. Maybe you can reflect on this a bit. Hows is your feel about saudis in Canada? Get accepted well? Is there alot of suspicions and paranoia from canadians? How does saudis see the christians/ citizens in canada? Whats the messages in mosques on living among( I almost dare not say this word/sentence) "infidels"? I hope you understand my rant, Im not sure myself what is the question, with regards;)
I want to add to my comment, in the section were I write that immigrants dont mix well here. It needs to be pointed out strongly that we have old racistical beliefs, first immigrants came 40 years ago and then a black man was something that the villagers went to watch and point at. That plus old mythology of thor and oden. 90ies era with Viking Rock and nazi tendencies and parties like : The Swedish Demokrats Party which is strongly against immigrarion and mixed culture ( 3-5 %vote support), It went so far we quit singung our national anthem of respect for other cultures and cos of clashes between different groups. Now I dont want to show Swedes as nazi bastards because what I just described is in tiny minority and most of us has adapted quite well and Do have understanding, specially the new and younger generations. We are working hard on it and is openly talking and educating around these matters, but for long time we shut them out. Ok thats all.. Love ;)
I understand the viking culture and how Odin choose the whites with golden hair xD I used to have an Icelander guy on MSN he used to say that he will scare me off in battle with his belly(wtf) anyway I made him blocking me by challenging his god, Odin he ended up begging me to say that I wasn't serious and eventually he blocked me because Odin was going to send him to Hel.

I'm sure Swedish people don't believe in this stuff.
Hello Anders, I used to have hundreds of Swedish friends. I think both sides feel that the other side doesn't want to mix with them, I feel Canadians here don't want to mix with others and maybe they think the same about us. I like Canadians, they are very nice people, and older Canadians are very nice too. I've never seen racism here and where I live the chances to be attacked by a deer is higher then by a Canadian.

people here are still paranoid, few months ago me and a friend were walking in the street at 2Am going back home, we were talking in Arabic and some guy was in front of us he was giant with big mustache I kinda was afraid of him but he crossed the road walked passed us and came back to the sidewalk(he was afraid because we were Arabs;p)

I almost know all the Saudis in this town, some are married who came with their wives, many are non-religious, some are religious, I don't talk to Saudi girls here because its still taboo and it show disrespect or something, I didn't meet anyone who hate Canadians, it would be stupid to hate people and come study in their country.

About Mosques here, I only went to 1 mosque, the preacher was Egyptian and he talked about how we should work on our jihad, and that followers of prophet Muhammad defended and died defending him in their jihad and that our jihad is to study hard or work hard, etc.

the University made a small mosque for Saudi students and I attended couple Fridays and the Saudi preacher just talk about how we came to study not to get drunk and go party and go to night clubs, and that we are still Muslims and we should well represent our country instead of ruin its reputation, they don't talk about politics.

I think FBI watches us, especially students in the USA, my cousin's friend was busted by FBI agents in his apartment, with flash/stun grenades and MP5's and he didn't do anything wrong, but I imagine all his friends laughed at his face when he was released xD

and thank God Christians of Canada are not like American ones.
That guy is a rare nutjob. This video was especially scary.

If Street Preacher Was The President...
He might be a Comedian, like this one http://www.youtube.com/user/EdwardCurrent

the second video made me laugh, he probably have many common things with some people in Saudi, but he probably think Muslims worship Satan.
It's possible that his videos are satire but I find it very unlikely. There are people which are exactly that fanatical and I have met some of them.
We kinda have people who mock fundies, I remember a Saudi show made an episode called "Terrorism academy" (we have a famous show called Star Academy that creates future tv stars) and the episode was funny :P
I read nine pages of this topic... and it's very late now. I'll read the rest tomorrow. I just wanted to say that I have three children around your age... a daughter (20), and two sons (21) and (22). I don't think they would answer so many questions. I hope you'll have time to answer more. Your answers are very interesting. If you're answering, I'll be asking...

My first question is: you write very well... if you said you were from this country I'd question your age. ;) I was wondering where you learned... and if you have above average communication skills in your country also.... or are all of your peers so educated?
Sure, ask any question you want to ask, I'll be happy to answer them all.

I didn't understand the question, I don't think I have above average education, people in Saudi tend to be educated, many don't speak English very well though, can you please rephrase the question?

what do you mean by communication? Do you mean English?
To janna thorson-jabr in page 3, No not Albarrak, I even posted my reply before Albarrak made his fatwa, I'm talking about shiekh al-Shathri, he didn't suggest to kill anyone, I can give you a link to his fatwa on tv if you understand Arabic.
Ah, okay. I don't know about this al-Shathri. Thanks for clarifying. Sure, go ahead and post the link :) So, how do you feel about people's criticism of al-Barrak, does it undermine their own ideals of freedom of speech, as you explained about people's criticism of this other sheikh's fatwa? Or do you consider his case any different since he proposed murdering those he disagrees with?




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