Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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Interesting. I would have flamed the guy, too, for promoting ignorance through the destruction of precious learning institutes. Surely this is not a commonly held belief, right? That would be sad.

What aims of theirs (the folks in the forum) were particularly antagonistic to you?
well the cleric said males and females should be separated in universities, I think he has the right to say his opinion, they called him a terrorist, its a serious accusation, unless they prove it they should be sued.

they wanted to take away his right of free speech, and they claim they want free speech how hypocritical.

I told them their aims are stupid because most of these Saudi liberal has causes like Cinema, they talk about how Cinema should be allowed and how music should be introduced to schools or how women should be allowed to wear anything in the streets, they never discuss how chemistry and physics should be improved in schools, how labs should exit in every school, or how to create more jobs, or how to make the country a better place. I'm not against these ideas, but these are their main ideas, and there are far more things should be changed and discussed then Cinema.

and like I said they don't like free speech to these who are against them or these who critize them.

there is a famous comedy TV show called "tash ma tash" run by a liberal guy who is also the main actor he always make fun of everyone especially religious people and the Saudi fake-liberals praised him all the time in their newspapers, one day he made fun of them they flamed him! lol and called his program stupid and pointless.

even famous independent liberals criticize them, eventually liberalism is misunderstood in the country because of these people.
Are you referring to the cleric Abdel Rahman al-Barrak, who suggested that people who promote gender-mixed schools or workplaces should be killed?
Suggesting someone should be killed for promoting gender mixing is very different from simply disagreeing with gender mixing.
Personally, while I certainly believe that people have the right to their opinions and free expression of those opinions, I'm not sure whether that free speech should extend to calling for murder.
you have great mixing between the freedom of speech and the freedom of killing

one off the fake liberals :)
Is the same punishment rendered for lesbians and bi folks as for gay men?
No, lesbians are not executed they get small punishments like 30-50 lashes or prison.

bi, depends if its male/male female/female male/female
Do you know of anyone gay in your country? I know a lot of people from India and homosexuality is pretty taboo there. I really wonder what people do in a country where they can be killed for it--how do they meet each other if at all, or do they just stay closeted?
Honestly no, there used to be a famous guy who used to dance, act talk and look like a girl for money(not sure if he sold his body for sex too), his pictures and videos were spread everywhere, after many complains the prince of Riyadh eventually kicked him out of the country, and he went to Lebanon.(his mother is Lebanese)
Your book of rules says that in order for anyone to be stoned for adultery you have to have four witnesses to verify that fact, am I correct in my understanding of the law??
If so then what was those four witnesses doing?? How were they able to see this act of adultery, since most things of that nature are done in secret?? With such strict laws in mind one would think that they would be vary careful not to get caught, I mean it wouldn't be like they were having their pleasure in the backseat of a car in the open.
Thanks for posting this and letting us ask. I'm really curious about what the general attitude is of Saudis towards the other Middle Eastern countries-like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. And also towards the monolithic West-Europe and the Americas?
Well there are different opinions in Saudi,

Iran, most Saudis dislike Iran and see it as a bigger threat then Israel not to mention the hatred between Arabs and Persians.

Afghanistan and Pakistan, I think we have more then 1-2 million workers in Saudi from these 2 countries, the relation between the people is good, most Saudis support Taliban against the US, some don't.

as for Europe and America well, there are many different opinions, America is hated a lot because of the supporting of Israel and the hatred increased a lot after the Iraqi invasion, alqaeda took the invasion as a chance to recruit many terrorists from the country and brainwash them, many of them were sent to Iraq via Syria and they also formed a group in Saudi, I even witnessed a terrorist attack something like 4-5 years ago but the government destroyed Alqaeda here and its popularity went down because of their ways and methods.

Europe, it has better reputation but it went down nowadays after the banning of minarets and niqab, they see it as hypocrisy but Saudis are hypocrites too.;p
What I find hypocritical: punishing of Europeans who go to Arab countries and don't follow their customs, because "they know the customs of this country when they come here", yet when immigrating to another country, people don't want to follow the customs of the new country.




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