Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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Well, I never heard of Europeans get punished for not following customs unless you mean Dubai where we hear a story of a couple kissing in public almost everyday :P
It might not have been Saudi Arabia, but I think a tourist was put in jail for adultery (premarital sex is considered adultery?) b/c she stayed in a hotel with her boyfriend.
zina is the word, which mean both premarital sex and adultery, and its outlawed here and in even Dubai, ofc Dubai is hypocrite, you can wear a bikini but can't kiss a guy in public.
Is the environment ever discussed as a matter of public policy or even general interest? What is the common attitude about global warming, if there is one?

Does it seem like Saudi Arabia is inclined to consider moving away from fossil fuels as the bread and butter of the economy? It seems like solar power generation could be huge there. I apologize if my question is naive.
Well there are no people who oppose to protecting the environment and prevent global warming, so it doesn't get that much of attention.

sorry, I didn't understand your second question.
Tom Thompson was saying that oil is what drives the Saudi economy. However, the use of oil is considered to be one of the causes of global warming. Has Saudi Arabia considered stopping oil drilling and going to other methods of producing energy, such as solar power?
about what? my country? well I think its a lucky country for just having all that oil, full of lazy people, bad education system, corruption in government(by both royal and non-royal), I think some people are hypocrites for claiming to follow Islamic principles yet many times they put the "tribe" first then religion second, most Saudis are not really religious, the ones who don't pray 5 times a day are probably between 50-70%, they don't even follow many Islamic principles.

there is a famous saying which is very true; I went to the west and found Islam but didn't find Muslims, went back to my home found Muslims but no Islam.

I don't oppose the royal family, many countries got rid of their royals and ended up living under real dictators like in Egypt and Iraq, I also like king Abduallah, he's a good man. many people call him a dictator because of sharia law but they don't understand that the king can't do anything about it.
What do you see as the biggest thing that Saudi Arabs have in common with "westerners". What common goals or ideals do we all share?

What is the biggest difference? What makes you feel like hating a westerner?
common things, hmmmm Iran is seen as a common enemy, personally I hope these protesters would make a revolution and prevent a war but I doubt that would happen, Saudis are generally positive toward the development of science and technology but unlike westerns we have no scientists or researchers ;p we have a really bad education system and hopefully that would change soon.

as for the biggest differences, I think its Israel, Israel is hated a lot, 99.99% of Saudis believe Israel has no right to exist, and supporting Israel with money and weapons is probably the reason why the west is hated in the Arab world. other reasons to hate the west? I can't think of any maybe the Iraqi and Afghani invasions.
I can understand the bad feelings about how the USA and other countries influence and overpower other countries to their benefit. I believe this is due to greed and has nothing to do with public interests.

What would Saudi Arabia do about Israel if their international support disappeared today? Genocide? Prison camps? Deport them to...where? Would you support this action?
you mean if a war happened and Israel lost it? They would probably do what Saladin did, deport all the outsiders(mostly the Europeans) and allow the natives to stay and then invite all the expelled Palestinians back to the land(both Christians and Muslims).(that's what Almunajid, a high Saudi scholar once said)

I think they should make peace but non of the 2 sides are interested in peace.




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