Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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This is the video, its 9 minutes long.


I think al-barrak was wrong and extreme, I don't support that kind of freedom of speech.
Hello, I am from Pakistan. I have watched many people from my place over the years who worked in your country. In the begining they remain as normal person working abroad. Then they opened religious schools(madrissa) here in Pakistan while still being in Saudi Arabia themselves and suddenly became very rich. There are many theories about their wealth here. Some say they bring Zakwat Money donated by Arabs. another theory is that Arabs directly fund religious schooling. My question is in which form they get the money from Arabs. Boy! some of them became very rich within no time from just an ordinary persons.
I don't know, I never heard of that. There are something like a million Pakistani in Saudi, some make good money and some work in normal jobs.
I've just read throught the whole thread! Now I feel more educated about Saudi.
I was very impressed by the bravery of the guy filming in Mecca! Right inside the great Mosque! Whoa!
My question is about slaves.
Is it legal in Saudi Arabia to have slaves? I read in a National Geographic magazine from 2005 (or 2004?) that there are 27 million slaves (includes Sex Trade) in the World and that Saudi Arabian rich people have slaves.
Do you know if this is true?
Also how does prostitution (paying for sex) work in Saudi?
Thank you again for taking all of these questions!
Hello Ally, well nobody knows that the guy is an atheist, so its not that dangerous, I might go to makkah again one day if my mom asked me to take her there.

slavery here is illegal, although slavery is allowed in Islam, its allowed for a ruler to outlaw anything halal and that what king Faisal did. I don't think any rich would risk having slaves when they can easily afford low paid servants, never heard of it but doubt it.

problem in Saudi we have many expats, many of them payed low, some of them are treated badly, and some of them never wanted to come but forced by their own family. (there is a belief in some parts in Asia that if you had a low-intelligent son send him to work outside and he will come back smart, many sons don't want to work outside)

how prostitution works,

To get a working visa in Saudi you need a sponsor and every individual can get limited amount of visas(depends if he owns a business, need a personal driver, maid, etc) some Saudis don't have any business so they get unskilled workers from usually countries like Bangladesh, then he tells the guy that he is free to do what work he want to do and only wants from him 500SR(around 130$) a month, some of these clean cars/building to make money and some of them go into illegal business like selling alcohol, selling drugs, theft or turning his apartment into a whorehouse and then find maids running away or try to tempt ones and then they will sell them for other foreign workers(usually from their own kin)

and there are many other problems, I blame these problems on both Saudis and foreign workers
This is really very interesting discussion..and the credit for most part goes to the initiator of the topic :-)

I have a comment and a question. The comment is, I too hate it when I get to hear "Dakhool-e-shabab mamnoo" at malls!! And the question is, why does KSA blocks websites of various religions (including religious tolerance website) but is allowing atheist sites (like Atheist Nexus, Think Atheist etc.)? Does atheism pose a lower level of threat than other religions and schisms?
The only religious websites that I know of blocked by the government is the ones attacking Islam. There are plenty of non-Islamic websites that aren't banned in the kingdom like Christianforums.

No I don't think atheism pose a lower threat, it actually pose the highest threat to Islam.
How far back does the laden and bush connection go?
When I was in university, I dated a Saudi man. Being a silly girl, it took me some time to realize that he viewed me more as a whore than a girlfriend. I was just wondering, how common is it for young men to leave the country for a period of time and leave behind all customs. You would not believe what this guy got up to while he was in the US. - Yes, I am still a little bitter.
There are many Saudi students aboard in a scholarship program paid by the government, they split into 2 groups, some break Islamic laws and do everything haram(party, get drunk, have sex) and some would not, I personally only befriend Saudis in Canada who leave Saudi customs behind and go with the saying "when in Rome do what the Romans do", I met few Saudi atheists but they are few and hard to find and make them admit.
i found this thread very interesting. im an atheist myself living in Saudi Arabia. and i kind of understand not talking to your family about this. i havn't yet but would like to in the future . just to be known. i've mentioned t it breifly to the female members of my immediate family (sister and mother) my mother is european and my father is saudi .
like you , i was a bad muslim. then met some people and discussed evolution theory and started thinking. now i browse sites about islam to kind of figure out how it all came about .
its kind of interesting to research it from this stand point (being an atheist) because i researched it from the standpoint of being a muslim and it was somewhat different. the information perceived was not questioned. it was merely accepted or rejected.

im interested in the message islam gives. as you well know there is no country that implements the real islam. its things like being executed for apostasy that made me really open my eyes to islam and its flaws. not that i see it implemented in my daily life. but the order is out there in writing.

i appreciated your honest answers.i get the feeling you are from Jeddah ?!




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