Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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That is so true. War is truly horrible.
I was recently reading that a large reason that Osama bin Laden wanted to attack the US is that he was angry that Saudi Arabia had let foreign (US) troops onto Saudi soil to stop Saddam when he attacked Kuwait. Apparently, Osama bin Laden and his followers wanted to take care of Saddam themselves instead of involving foreign troops. Do you think this is accurate? I know you can't possibly know what was in the mind of Osama and his followers, but did you hear people saying these kinds of things?

What do Saudis think of Turkey, which has a secular government and religious freedom?
It is one of the reasons why Bin Laden did 9/11, I view 9/11 as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Americans targeted civilians to stop the war, Bin Laden targeted civilians to force American forces to leave the Middle East, it didn't happen according to his plan, he was lucky that the U.S. was dragged into 2 wars that destroyed it economically, socially and even diplomatically.

Saudis and Arabs generally have a positive relationship with the Turks, and the Kurds. the only enmity is between Arabs and Persians.
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