Hello, I'll answer all the questions you have about Saudi Arabia, people, religion, traditions, culture, scandals, etc. and I'll try to be unbiased :)

if you wanna ask questions about me then I'll answer them too.

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Do you think most of the Arabs who strongly hate Israel know much of anything about it?
What do you mean?
Do they actually know about the history and current events of the Israel/Palestine conflict? Some ex-Muslims described life in their home countries (in the Middle East or African countries), and people blamed Jews for things like the weather or a car breaking down.
Yes I do, I never heard of anyone blaming Jews for weather, actually Arabs blame themselves for the existence of Israel.
Why do they blame themselves?
Because they are "bad Muslims", they don't practice Islam compared to Muslims 1000 years ago, they are not united, they adopted Arabian nationalism instead of Islamic unity, they don't love each other as Muslim supposed to as described in hadith; (Muslims are like parts of one body, if a part is sick the rest of the body will stay wake at night comforting it and trying to heal it) if you know Arabic just go to youtube and search: Saudi girls, Egyptian girls, Syrian girls in Arabic and when you see the big flame war you'll notice how "one body" they are xD
Greets, guy!

For what I understand, Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahhabi Islam as well as Osama bin Laden. Question: with the advent of bin Laden's actions on 9/11 and after and his connection to Wahhabi, has Wahhabi come under increased scrutiny in Saudi Arabia or is Islam in any form simply something you don't question? For that matter, is there any above-board discussion of religion in a non-absolute frame of reference in Saudi Arabia or is that something that has to happen "underground?"
Well the west call Saudi the "evil fundamentalist Wahhabi" shia call Saudis "the evil Wahhabis who hate the family of the prophet" and alqaeda call Saudis "the evil Wahhabis, agents of the western crusaders"

to be honest there is no such thing as Wahhabi, Saudi happen to be the only Arab country that has sharia law, well at least the closest one to the real sharia law, and Saudis identify themselves as Sunnis, they take "Wahhabis" as an insult.

"is there any above-board discussion of religion in a non-absolute frame of reference in Saudi Arabia or is that something that has to happen "underground?"

I didn't understand this part can you please rephrase it?(I thought my English isn't that bad) :(
Sorry if I was unclear. Religion there sounds as though it's treated as absolute, next to unquestionable. Is there anyplace where you can discuss religion, question or examine it critically it without risking your neck? Rather what you are doing here online, but do it with others THERE in Saudi Arabia.
Well the only place I can think of are internet forums, I know an Islamic website in Arabic that has sub forums to discuss with Shia, Quranists, sufis, Christians, Jews, and even Atheists and Bahai.

I wouldn't discuss religion with family, that would be a bad idea.

as for friends, my friends are "bad" Muslims :P they never really talk about religion or even practice Islam, they believe in Islam but they don't talk about religion, instead they would talk about cars, football, girls, hunting, etc. they even drink alcohol.
Good grief ... they sound ... should I say it? ... NORMAL!
I have gotten the impression that those "bad" Muslims drank alcohol in other countries. Is drinking alcohol permitted in Saudi Arabia? Is it sold?




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