... and then presumably go and do it.
Well, apparently Jesus would get himself hanged on a cross to absolve the sins of others.
So, Christians, stop talking and let's see some action.
Stop harking on about the sins of others and go and do something about it.
What would Jesus do?

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With my brown skin, dark hair, unamerican clothes and a name like 'Jesus,' I'd cross Arizona off my preferred list of locations for my second coming.
Really, I would go because of it, maybe what would I do would be a better philosophy. At least people can ask me and get a living person.
What would Jesus do for a klondike bar?
Get nailed to a cross?
o.O That would be one extreme desire for a klondike bar.
It's a Klondike bar. Is it really so extreme? Especially with the new thicker coating!
Garrick has a point there.
Jesus would not exist, that's what he would do. Now all Christians need to disappear and leave me the hell alone.
I bet Jesus would do whatever Saul/Paul of Tarsus hallucinated and then whatever Mathew, Mark, Luke and John would later embellish.
What really got me started on this was the homosexuality thing, and how so many Christians say it's a sin. I was thinking of the well documented recent case of a relationship counsellor who refused to counsel a gay couple because, he claims, he is a devout Christian. How "Christian" is that? And so, I would say that this fella should ask himself what Jesus would do. If he believes homosexuality is a sin that must be atoned for, then why not atone for those sins of others by crucifying himself. To me, that would be Christianity in action, as opposed to refusing to do your job because you're a bigot and then going crying to some tribunal saying that your religious rights are being denied. Let's see more Christians on crosses to show their commitment to the cause.

More on the sacked bigot ruling here here and here
Years ago, when I was in the midst of breaking free of the Christian chains, a college professor had a cartoon on his office door. Don't recall the exact wording of the responses, but it was something like:

What Would Jesus NOT Do?

- Hate gays
- Oppress a single mother
- Cut welfare for the needy
- Tax the poor and give tax breaks to the rich
- Build elaborate, multi-million dollar shrines to himself

And so on.




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