Well, I must admit that over the past few weeks I have questioned my participation on this site. There have been a few times I've considered just backing away from the desk and letting it all go. Truth be known, I never know when to quit something. There has been so much good that has come directly from being a member of this collective. Conversely, I have never been so insulted in my entire life the way I have been here. That is really saying a lot for a former sailor! haha

Perhaps the main issue is that I had made an assumption that people of this community would be more empathetic towards one another. After all we all tend to be of a like mind, at least on some level as far as being free from religious hierarchies. Being that we are typically seen as being outside the scope of the majority of the world's reality view I imagined it would lead to more promising reflection upon philosophy and consciousness. Again, I am certain this was something I had 'wanted' to see, and initially it was exactly what I had hoped for.

That being said... What was/is it that Atheist Nexus has done for you? Has it helped you to feel more satisfied in your personal philosophy? What keeps you coming back for more?

I'm just curious of course, and as always, simply interested in the interaction or any preconceived notions, or intentions regarding this site. Are there ways in which you feel this site reflects negatively upon Atheists/Non-theists?

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I'm so glad to hear that your experiences have been so positive. Also, in response to what you said about acceptance... I suppose I would much rather be a part of a group that tries to include people the way we do here, instead of claiming exclusivity and denying access. After all, I was almost afraid that my own views would get me shunned here, luckily I find that members can be fairly accommodating of weirdness.

I'm glad that a true "good Samaritan" was able to help you out. Most people who would do things like that from the heart don't go around telling people what they've done. That is a true friend and a good person indeed. :)
How about a beer chip ;)

Im not sure what I expect from this place. I guess its similar to what you said. Intelligent conversation's with like minded individuals. To see how my outlook differs or agrees with other atheists. I did expect to run into a few assholes, every group of people has them, we're no different in that regard. Fortunately I haven't encountered many yet.
Well, I hope that for both of our sakes that you do not encounter the same rudeness or personal attacks. I'm a big enough boy to take some criticism, but some people take great pride in trying to humiliate people for no good reason. Perhaps those days are gone, and if so I should shut my mouth and just keep on keeping on. :)

I'm glad you are able to look past the functionality issues and remain a member. Thanks for responding and I hope to check out more of your contributions soon.
I love this site. Ning may have its shortcomings, but it beats the hell out of Facebook. I can't figure out why Facebook is so popular, considering its baffling user interface. More important than the UI, of course, there are very interesting and congenial people here.

Naturally, there are some not so nice posts, but even those have a train-wreck-I-can't-stop-watching quality. I'm currently involved in a bit of a dustup with a psychic defender. I don't think I'm the jerk in that exchange, but it can be hard to tell from inside the arena. My main beef with people like this guy is that they don't appear to think clearly or wish to communicate effectively or politely. I'm of the opinion that rudeness and arrogance need not, and perhaps should not, be met with politeness. I don't think much of this person's unscientific ideas, but even those would have been OK if he had remained calm and reasonable, willing to entertain the opposing viewpoint.

kj, I've seen some of the exchanges you had with a particular departed jerk. I don't always agree with the things you say, but I've never had a problem with their presentation. You seem like a decent, respectful, easygoing chap. That's aces in my book.

Oh, and I too seek a resolution to the beer chip mystery.
I'm just looking for someone to chit-chat with that isn't totally ingnorant and accepting to everyone. Somebody that has had similar experiences as me.

Haven't found one yet though. People can be so judgemental :(
I won't judge you... as long as you don't judge me! hehe

Honestly though, if there is ever anything you want to discuss, drop me a line. :)
I rather like it, even when I'm in direct confrontation with another member.

This is, after all, Atheist Nexus and not We-All-Think-The-Same Nexus. The only thing we all have in common here is that we do not believe in god; everything else is up in the wind -- which is really how it should be.
Well said. :)
Seems like you have a good attitude towards it all. I hope that you continue to have a great experience. That's what its all about. :)
I suppose even people intelligent enough to see religion as a farce- can still be stereo-typing, judgmental, hypocrites!! With so many different people on this site, I am sure that a lack of a religious belief is the only thing that some of us have in common. ON A POSITIVE NOTE- I am rarely on this site, but have had a pretty good experience so far. There are so few people (that I know) in my area that are like minded in my religious views- - just knowing I have access to fellow non-theists gives me sanity!!!! Thank you all for that:)
This place has a concentration of people who FAIL AT BEING INCOMPETENT that's fifty or more times the concentration across all the rest of the parts of the internet that I've sat in previously, waiting for the intellectual "big fish" to come by. I'm one myself.

Despite this, there's still a piss-poor deficit of people even here who actually do philosophy. Meh. At least there're some provocateur contrarians.

Sorry to see that you have had some bad experiences. I hope that you will stick around, and that the good outweighs the bad. Any site with nearly 10,000 people, most of whom are in contraction to the mass society around them, is going to have some good, some bad, and some you-know-what.

Conversely, I have never been so insulted in my entire life the way I have been here. That is really saying a lot for a former sailor! Damn! I'm a former soldier, and the insults were much worse. I shoulda joined the Navy! But then, I didn't see the comments that you saw, so manybe I have to retract my words.

I imagined it would lead to more promising reflection upon philosophy and consciousness. Have you perused some of the discussion groups? Some of the more philosophical content is there, but also in the forums and blogs. The discussion groups tend to focus more on particular topics.

What was/is it that Atheist Nexus has done for you? Has it helped you to feel more satisfied in your personal philosophy? What keeps you coming back for more? I've felt pretty isolated, for most of my life, like a blueberry in a bowl of raspberries (to quote another member). To be able to express my thoughts in a setting of people who are not going to respond from religion, is very good. It gives me a place where I don't worry too much about being myself, I can just "be". It's accessible 24/7. I don't get into chats because I suspect they are less insightful due to their instantaneous character, but that may be totally unfounded.

There are some characters who are kind of like Triumph the Insult Dog- He mostly craves attention, sometimes has a point, and sometimes just wants something to poop on.


So that's another 2 cents for you.


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