Well, I must admit that over the past few weeks I have questioned my participation on this site. There have been a few times I've considered just backing away from the desk and letting it all go. Truth be known, I never know when to quit something. There has been so much good that has come directly from being a member of this collective. Conversely, I have never been so insulted in my entire life the way I have been here. That is really saying a lot for a former sailor! haha

Perhaps the main issue is that I had made an assumption that people of this community would be more empathetic towards one another. After all we all tend to be of a like mind, at least on some level as far as being free from religious hierarchies. Being that we are typically seen as being outside the scope of the majority of the world's reality view I imagined it would lead to more promising reflection upon philosophy and consciousness. Again, I am certain this was something I had 'wanted' to see, and initially it was exactly what I had hoped for.

That being said... What was/is it that Atheist Nexus has done for you? Has it helped you to feel more satisfied in your personal philosophy? What keeps you coming back for more?

I'm just curious of course, and as always, simply interested in the interaction or any preconceived notions, or intentions regarding this site. Are there ways in which you feel this site reflects negatively upon Atheists/Non-theists?

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I'm a little surprised about the beer chip question. At any bar around me you can buy a "chip", usually a wooden or plastic disk or square with the bars name and what kind of drink its good for. Sometimes the bartender will give them free to patrons for various reasons. Bar chips come in handy when buying a round of drinks, if someone already has a drink you give them a chip that they can use later at their leisure.
Either I drink too much compared to everyone else here, or they're not as commonplace as I thought.

Jason, I've also been in on the esp discussion. That guy is a off his rocker and seems to only be interested in insulting anyone who doesn't accept his incoherent gibberish.
I've never run into the beer chip deal. Maybe I've just not spent enough time in bars. Or maybe it's a regional thing that hasn't gotten around to me. For that matter, it could be illegal, depending on the local liquor laws. Sounds like a good idea, though.

I know the guy on the ESP thread is loony, but he sure is annoying. Part of me wants to reply gently, in the knowledge that he has a diseased brain, but part of me just wants to tell him to go soak his head. I fear that I come across as too harsh, but jeebus, he's irritating!
I skipped the esp thread cause you can't fix..well,you know..
And the pet rabbit thread angered me so much as a house rabbit keeper I could not read the responses to my come back to his piss poor attempt at "humor" involving the death of a pet rabbit.
Otherwise,except for someone i suspect was an xtain infiltrator,I've done well here and I like 99% of the people I've talked with,but there will always be a few that rub one the wrong way,which is how things go in real life.
I hope you hang about just do what I do..Ignore those who piss you off.
Thanks Goz, so far that is working out for me. I'm trying to make myself less susceptible to being outraged, or easily irritated. Mostly it is my own hair-trigger, gut reactions that get me involved in situations I should be avoiding. At least I know how to take on my share of the blame. :) Thanks again!
I think that Atheists are prone to have rather independent and forceful personalities because of their worldview (no objective purpose to life? TOUGH!). I don't mind being confronted on an intellectual issue as long as there is some kind of rational basis for that criticism. Also, there are some issues that can never be resolved because it comes down to different people operating on different value systems. Regardless, I've never had anyone attack my character, but I have had people attack my beliefs on this sight.

What more could I ask for?
kj said: "Conversely, I have never been so insulted in my entire life the way I have been here."

[ Hump looks at date he joined A/N. July 19th. Whew! breathes sigh of relief kj isn't referring to him]

Hi kj,

Jack Chow's comment is right on target. I'll add to it that while atheists do not necessarily have anything in common other than "no belief," they do tend to be smarter than your average theist. There is actual clinical data to support that, but that's another discussion for another time.

But there is a tendency for people who are intelligent and who respect knowledge and discovery to come on strong when proffering their view or defending it. They also enjoy confrontation, or at least aren't bashful about it. This is especially true of "anti-theist" atheists, "activist" atheists, and "positive" atheists. I'm all of those. Thus I tend to be more aggressive, and less accepting of weak atheists , non-activist atheists, etc.

That doesn't mean those people perspectives are wrong. It just means when one joins a group like this ones perspectives can be harshly challenged. Depending on ones degree of sensitivity, that challenge may sound like insult. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

anyway... just my input based on a few yrs experience.
That said, let me apologise now for any insult or cheap abuse I happen to drop your way in the course of discourse. :)





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