Asking for your suggestions - expedite priest back to face warrant for arrest

Asking for your suggestions.

Going to write a letter but first wondering what you would say and who you send it to.

First background.

An RCC priest abused kids while a priest in Canada's Arctic (a common thing for priest) over decades, then fled off to France where he's originally from, when the heat was being turned on to his crimes.

Now lives in luxury with the help of the RCC. There has been a warrant put out for his arrest but since he is now in another country he's staying there. When priest was contacted by the press he was amazed on how they found him. Then saying he's old and sick, so not going back to Canada to face charges then hung up phone.

Pressure could be put on: President of the country he is now living in to expedite him to Canada to face charges on warrant. Canadian ambassador to the country living in. Local priests? Bishop in charge?

What do you suggest a good game plan would be? Who would be all the people the letter be sent to and any suggestion what it should include to get action getting this old sick priest on a plane back to Canada to face the warrant of his arrest? 


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Extradition between countries is a question of treaty obligations so the first question that comes to mind is what the treaty situation is between France and Canada. If there is an extradition treaty, then it would be up to the government of Canada to request the government of France to extradite him.

That's a tough question to answer Jim, especially seeing that in many cases the RCC is untouchable.

Thanks Dr. Allan H. Clark and Anthony Jordan I appreciate your comments. Needed someone to bounce my thoughts off and get back other (your) thoughts.

Currently there is only a Canada wide warrant for his arrest, no Red Notice (Interpol) at the moment. Though the police say they are working all angles on bringing him back to Canada. However speed is not an issue as another priest who is on trial now in the Arctic had an Interpol arrest warrant issued in 1998 and wasn't caught until 2011. He's facing 76 charges for sexual violence on Inuit children and his trial just started before Christmas.

He was hid by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate who as I understand it destroyed the arrest warrant when they received it. Oblates of Mary Immaculate are looking after the wanted priest at a beautiful French resort, complete with swimming pool.

Letter is to put pressure on the Canadian Ambassador to France and the French President who will be meeting with the Pope very soon. And letter sent to a few Bishops in Canada. Who knows, may put pressure on the pope to get the Oblates of Mary Immaculate to give up the priest, sending him back to Canada to face trial. Questioning if the Oblates of Mary Immaculate desire the sexual abuser shelter image, when image is so important to the RCC. Because the Pope and priests hold Mary higher then Jesus.

Maybe the Pope is fine with doing nothing with a wanted sex abuser priest, but maybe not France or the President and some bishops. Then the Red Notice. Treaty obligations some how kicks in quicker??

Yes I understand it's funky thinking on my part, especially with the image of the untouchable RCC and its long sexual abuse of children history. But if I stay quiet, then the priest's actions stay acceptable. RCC continues as usual while the priest relaxes in old age by pool protected by Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The kids he knew when young where not protected who had a rough life or early death – a living hell.

Good luck. I do think that the sexual abuse scandal has utterly destroyed any moral authority the church may have possessed. The crime is huge and still unfolding as more cases come to light.




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