Aslan thinking about converting from Christianity to either Islam or atheism


Yes, Liam Neeson, the actor who lends his voice talents to the movies based on C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series, is considering leaving the religion of his Irish Catholic upbringing and switching allegiances. According to the article, Liam "was recently filming in Turkish city Istanbul and became fascinated with the Muslim faith during his stay. Speaking to The Sun, he said: 'The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it's the most beautiful, beautiful thing".


Well, speaking as someone who has lived in Istanbul for a couple of months and who has lived in Saudi Arabia for a couple of years, the "azan", or call to prayer, sounds different in different places. He is correct that it is difficult to get used to, and quite startling at first. He is also correct that the azan can sound quite beautiful in Istanbul. It starts is from mosques far out in the distance, then washes over the entire city like a wave, and, especially during the evening prayer, has a haunting kind of sound to it which literally sounded to me like the moaning of ghosts in a lamentable sort of wail. It wasn't something I found particularly stirring, it was more of a bother than anything else, and a reminder of the hold fantasy has over the minds of much of the world's people, and knowing what it means (Allahu akbar x4 for starters, god is great, god is great, god is great, god is great... nauseating!) didn't do it any favors either, but I can definitely understand why Liam would be moved by it.


In KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) the story is quite different. The speakers blare out from every corner, the guys doing the calling seem intent on making the call as ugly as possible, and there is no haunting beauty to Riyadh. Istanbul is a gorgeous city of multi-colored apartments everywhere you look overlooking a sparkling sea, whereas Riyadh is a deathly-dry, stiflingly-dusty, boilingly-hot desert almost completely devoid of life. If Liam had happened to be doing filming for his movie there instead of Istanbul, he might not have considered Islam as an alternative to Catholicism.


But there is hope! Liam says "I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What's it all about? I'm constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism."


So he has been thinking about the deeper issues for some time now, and is looking for something to give him the answers his Catholicism failed to provide. I have been thinking, perhaps I should write him a letter expressing why I think atheism is the right choice, and why choosing Islam would be a mistake. Anyone else feel like having Aslan on our side? We could send him a letter signed by many A|N members. I just can't wait to hear what the Narnia people have to say about this. Will they protest giving the voice of their precious Jesus figure in Lewis' fantasies, a barely-concealed attempt at providing the Christian myths to younger readers, to someone who converts to either Islam or atheism (or de-converts, whatever)? Narnia will never be the same.

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But there is hope! Liam says "I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What's it all about? I'm constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism."

LOL; hugh!?
think to hard even yer minds' language has limits
that's where being turned on by science comes in... yet indeed the waves of ignorance or sadists that hold on to their chumpy/culty ways are a pain in the modern era ass!

i digress... there's no such thing as 'converting' to atheism
it's not a religion in the sense of something to worship
people/societies do not worship science; they use it to survive and adapt to the world
find understanding of how the hell a parasitic fly invades bee hives to mess things up? follow that?

as for the mass media; don't let that fool ya either. the blogs/forums and reading book are the new-old genius in majority of lives that look to the internet for brain food

sigh; the god thing is so played out it makes ya wonder who's pushing this old-school crap
the only old school i like is eating in silence (ok w/newspaper

oh and perhaps value more nature walks or... nuff said; it's just another age of knowledge upon the world; why go back? so what if the label 'atheist' is used
if it keeps asshole child molesters at bay so be it; if it grants families more room to exist in the world; hey
Dawkins's right then. no?
perhaps more tending to the heard and less denying those w/o a voice.

and humans invented the macro lens; not some mythological explanation of nature

Bit of a difference b'twixt'n'b'tween Islam and Atheism methinks!

You can convert to Islam but you can only come to Atheism when religion is revealed to be all sham and juvenile threat...all major religions seem to like their carrot and stick approach...makes one wonder why?

Depends on how woo adled a person is...

No idea about Liam...maybe he is just not convinced by a patriarchal scam like RCC but it has taken him a while...but hopping over to another patriarchal scam will not solve the feeling of 'looking for answers'...even if it is a green agenda, female rights and teh ghey issue or just plain fairness amongst denizens of planet Earth, that is the niggly counterpoint to a life on your knees.

Maybe his press officer thought it good column inches to appear spiritually curious or inquisitive about another world the end I doubt Atheism would be a first choice in an American industry where any religion, even Islam,  is better then none!

Not saying forget the letter...but there is not much evidence that Atheism would be  a relevant consideration for Liam.

But in for a penny in for a pound...why not?

Paganism actually offers more in the direction of unity of mankind...but methinks after a lifetime of jeebus Mary & Joseph that is also a leap on the far side of probable....

Atheism is at least a known position held by many folks the world over.

It all depends on what exactly Liam is looking for in his life...we are all different after all and some folks can only function if they think a sky daddy is spying on them.

Natasha Richardson.  Vanessa Redgrave is still alive.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. If I do get around to writing this letter, I'll be sure to mention that a fellow atheist had risen this painful point. Perhaps this is what got him contemplating these issues? Thanks booklover and George.

Yes, that's correct.

Well after the tragic death of his daughter and not ever bothering to understand his upbringing of (I don't know his exact age) I'll say 50 yrs. I'm not surprised a "cool" sounding foreign noise made him contemplate Islam. I love culture and I too (via YouTube) love the sound *I guess in Istanbul* of the sound But from an artistic point of view. I also like some Eastern Orthodox choirs.

What needs to be understood though, is the difference of appreciating something and worshiping something.

just my two cents anyway ....


true, but disavoying one god for another is a mental leap I'll never get lol...I only did the one leap to nontheism) but yes that's one of the major hooks religeon has is human emotion. I want to be a bloody Vulcan and purge emotion. :)

**also I've been trying to place that voice in Fallout 3's the lord of the rings;)

A very good point Dan. But of course I've also heard people say that atheism doesn't provide any satisfying answers either. Not that I agree, but if satisfaction is all you are looking for (as opposed to, oh I don't know, truth?), then you might want to choose the most ludicrous set of beliefs.

i loved fallout and new vegas....  GOD I LOVE GAMES.

David, I agree with you there. I also like Christian choirs, and some gospel music, and Indian sitar (no idea how related that is to Hinduism, I'm just saying!), and a whole lot of other crap, but I like it for its aesthetic appeal, not because I think it somehow points the way towards a deeper truth that can only be realized through some sort of aesthetic appeal. Its hard even to turn that into a reasonable argument.




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