I opened yesterday's paper to the obituaries, which I almost always read first, just for laughs. No, I do not laugh at the death of a human being but at the extent to which survivors, who write the obits and pay a premium for their publication, going to absurd extremes to convince themselves that the person they love has somehow survived his own demise. The paper yesterday contained what I consider the most ridiculous death notice I've seen yet, and probably the most telling as well. It concerned one Claude Denton, Jr., who reached the age of 91 by virtue of the science of medicine (for without 20th & 21st century advancements in that discipline, we would still be passing at 30, 40, or 50). Skipping the biographical details, here is the corker: "[He] is now passed from the body and face to face with the Lord." For one thing, how do they know this with such certainty. For another, ...oh, well, I preach to the choir in this forum. The same opening paragraph contains the following silly but certainly true observation: "He is in a place of no more sorrow, no more tears, no more pain, no more death.; the old things have passed away." Duh! Yeah, the guy is dead. Period. The "place" is a grave.

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I agree. One of my favorite pet peeves is to be at a cemetery when the guy gets planted in he ground and as you are leaving some idiot says "he's in a much better place now."  Are they blind? He's dead and in the ground.

Another way of looking at it, Michael, is that if the person had a lingering awful illness, was a vegetable, nothing more medical could be done for them, they're in constant pain, etc. they might really be in a better place: a grave or the fires of a creatory. I have felt that way before. A woman I loved dearly died in 2010 after spending six weeks in semi-consciousness after diagnosis of acute adult blastoma. (She smoked but did not drink, probably out of respect for her dry alcoholic boyfriend: me.) Visiting her at the hospice was painful as hell for all of us. We would find time to go only to learn she had just had her morphine and was sound asleep. You know what, considering the two or so months she "lived" after that diagnosis, she certainly is in a better place.

I agree, but the believer thinks the "better place" is some imaginary thing in the sky or some other planet called "heaven" that you instantly got to when you die.

I wrote that pic a caption: You Believers Missed One Hell of a Party Last Night.

I copied it to a Word document and will print and post where xians will see it,

Of course he is in a better place, he leaves behind his nagging wife and spoiled brats.

Leon, do you know what you said about you?

What did I say about me?

Leon, whatever you told others, you told me:

1) you marry women who will nag you and spoil your children, or

2) you are angry and use sarcasm to calm you.

Go ahead; say you said nothing like any of that.

I grew up in a violent home and was once that negative.

LOL! You're making shit up!

I just see that you lack a sense of humor. Others may already had a good laugh at "the guy's in a better place because where he is there's no his nagging wife and his spoiled brats" (got the joke?),  but you had to bring the "dark side" with your personal attack by trying to cram  your experience on me.

Here, I am saying someting clear about  me, so you don't need to "interpret": 

- I am a happily married man and I am sorry about you having grown up in a violent home.

Leon, does humor really require generalized attacks on all members of two groups: wives and children?

Thanks to my not having to provide for children, a freedom my wife also wanted, I was free to do the considerable work of recovery.

My four brothers and sisters, all of whom had children, were not free to do that work and did not recover.

Not really interested in your private life. 




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