To some of you this site may be a place for you to debate religious text, or to discuss the newest


books or talks of other prominent atheists.  I am asking you to be open about your non-belief, stop


 being afraid. there are many national groups outside of the nexus. You, as an atheist have many


resources that you are unaware of. Do your home work if you are a ture atheist and want to educate


 people about how we are not ''evil'', we just choose not to believe.





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I'm fortunate in that I live in UK and Athiesm is tolerated really well as are religious people and gays and women. People in other country's live in fear of their lives because their religion dictates that they should be stoned to death for their disbelief.
Even in USA where 80+% of people claim to believe in a deity Athiesm is frowned upon and people are outcast from communities for their disbelief.
I'm sure we all do our bit when and where we can to fight intolerance.
This is an odd way of introducing yourself, if that was your goal. Are you sure you aren't looking for Youtube?
I think she is promoting to us that we spread the word about atheism and not just talk amongst ourselves.
I absolutely agree that people need to know that atheists are not evil. I attended the march on the mall that the American Atheists organized (I can't find my photos) and this separation of church and state rally as a supporter, though I consider myself a "mystic agnostic". The "agnostic" part makes me welcome here, I hope, though some of you might have a problem with the "mystic" part of my beliefs. Although I do support "religion" in that I'm a Unitarian Universalist where atheists are welcome.
Hi Deborah, I have a feeling that a lot of people on this site are using it to learn more about atheism and get 'climatized' to the atheist experience. It seems to me the non-theist movement is growing and people who are ready are 'coming out' and some are participating in more activist oriented sites. Nexus is a great place for people who recognize the need for a non-theist community and is a great starting place for those who have been non-believing in private. Doing the homework is a good point, people can actually do harm to the cause if we start arguing without truly knowing what we're talking about.




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