When the president of a Southern California Freethinker group called me and asked if I'd write a story about pansies as a symbol of freethought, my first reaction was to quote Gary Coleman's character in Diff'rent Strokes; ie: "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" The association was news to me and, given the colloquial meaning of the word "pansy," I would have considered it an attempt to be insulting if it had come from anyone else.
It turns out that I'm just ignorant of the history of the freethought movement.
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One still has to take into account the association in the same way that teachers must take into account how hiliarious "uranus" is to the students who they're teaching.

I think we can do better than Sigmund Freud.

Diagoras the Atheist

An image of any particular person is a bad idea. It reeks of theology and ideological cults of personality. Like banners of Lenin or the depictions of jeebus nailed to a hunk of wood, it makes them the central authority. Linking something like free thought to any one individual seems like an oxymoron.




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